The Curry Gang shoot was a brain child of Creative Director Nirvana Singh and shot by Aleyna Martinez from Serum and Kamal Sunker.

Most of us would have seen aunties around our neighborhoods with similar outfits on. The pride they hold for our indigenous clothing combined with amalgamating into a foreign space and just wanting to stay fit. This became the focus of this shoot” – Nirvana


What does tattooing mean to you?
I think it means a different thing to each individual and everyone does it for different reasons. It can mark a memory, be a form of self-expression, or a piece can really just speak to you. It is a really hard thing to explain, but then again art alway is right? By Aleyna Martinez.

“Tattoos to me are time markers, they tell a story of where and what you have been through.”

– Blaze The Emperor

This shoot was a study of Golden Hour but also a play with contrasting street wear in nature. Rangitoto Island which is dormant volcano is at the back. The shoot was styled by Whitney who also modeled with Luke from Vanity Walk NZ.


There are points in your working life where you can no longer call up your mates and ask if you can pay them for a job in clothes – luckily for Sian Kolose and I this was not then. We both sourced our favourite Auckland characters and told a story about fashion, food and being young and ‘on’ in Auckland City.

Lilac at sunset

This shoot was another play with sunset, styled by MEER – this was an interview that revealed the rapper’s experience with sexual abuse which was re-worked later by the SPINOFF



AmmoNation and their extended network are my favourite squad in New Zealand. If there was an AmmoNation festival – I’d be keen.