DJ Q-Bert & Reeps One — Bass Bizzare Tour


Was that Optimus Prime transforming? Was it the bass line, synth or drum machine? Naw, it was Reeps One’s mouth. The guy standing in front of me (2nd row front he front) has his jaw dropped open in disbelief, like a kid who just saw Santa bring him the Maschine he’s been praying for.

Then, just when you think you couldn’t see anything cooler, Q-Bert drops in; beatbox and vinyl are both being juggled live in front of you.

Live beat-juggling by Reeps One & Q-Ber; “Just a freestyle”, Reeps One says.

“You know just sharing love and creativity. Do you like that? Do you want more?” YEAAAHHRHHH!!! The crowd behind me (don’t forget I’m standing 2nd row from the front) has become a lion, a hungry one; and they want more. The Bass Bizzare show by DJ Q-Bert and Reeps One now presents itself as one of the most exiting shows I’ve seen in a long time or maybe ever.

Having never heard of them before being sent to do the review, I think that makes me unbiased. The mix of bass; whether it was from hip-hop, dup step, drum ‘n bass or rock, the show was like a dirty, swagged out roller coaster of extreme emotion. A snap back twisted to the side, pants sagging off the ass emotion.

Q-Bert is a humbling sight to watch; knowing he was a four time World Champion DJ going into the show and then watching a very humble man do some extremely skilled things with vinyl made you feel; if you weren’t there, you were missing out. As the show goes on Q-Bert starts fanning himself with his hand mid scratch. He’s in what looks like a new, grey Stanford sweat shirt on one of Perth’s cooler nights. He makes a face; one of many we will see as he juggles, scratches, flips vinyl and knowingly accomplishes techniques he himself seems impressed with; small Q-Bert facials like the tongue hanging out mid scratch, the cheeky wink to the camera; then the mouth kinda open while he’s concentrating and winding vinyl back to 12 o’clock whilst crabbing like his fingers have turned into octopus tentacles — to finish a look up and a nod, as if to say, ‘Yeah, I did, just do that.’

Reeps One lets the crowd know it’s his first time in Perth and he’s loving it; so he should, the crowd adore him. Even the guy wearing a Ramones t-shirt nods his head and dances around like, HELL YEAH!

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