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Perth. Well known globally for its wealth of natural resources. But what isn’t so well-known yet are its home-grown artists and musicians. Trap duo Donald Krunk are a smidge of the concentrated goodness that city has to offer. Young, passionate and hungry are what’s clear  about them in the interview below. And while club trap (EDM) is still in it’s infancy, Ol Wright and Migsee have shown an understanding of how to nurse it nicely. Their production and mixes ooze with energy, funk and bass-blown inner gangsta ambition. Ol Wright says he wants their listeners to feel, ‘Awesome, everyone should feel awesome’. In the wake of opening for Flosstradamus during their Perth leg of the Australasian tour they talk to Hip Hop about having always made  southern style beats and so morphing into EDM trap (Electronic Dance Music) wasn’t no thang…

HH: Who are Donald Krunk?

DK: Donald Krunk is a Trap DJ/Production duo, consisting of myself, Ol Wright, and Migsee.

HH: What was the first Trap song you ever heard?

Ol: Electronic dance music trap would be… haha.. for me..Original Don or Harlem Shake

Migsee: I would have to go with Harlem Shake for the ‘trap’ as we know it now, but have been fascinated by sounds from Rustie and Hud Mo for the past few years if you can label that under the same genre.

HH: Have you always made trap music or did you start in another genre?

Ol : I’ve been making beats for a few years now, dabbled in a lot of different genres but always made hip hop as I progressed.

Migsee: I am relatively new to producing so this is the first genre I have worked with and focused on, but have always been involved in music of some sort

HH: How would you describe what it is?

Ol : To me Trap is just a different format of hip hop, so when EDM trap popped up, I already knew how to make southern beats so this was just tweaking kicks, synths and vox to be club/dance orientated, pretty easy transition really.

Migsee – I have always been a fan of dirty south/southern hip-hop. One of the first nights I ever played at was a Slowed and Screwed night, so when trap started its ascend to the club scene, I understood what it was supposed to do and how to do it

HH: As a trap producer/DJ would you say it’s only just beginning in terms of party/club music or is it actually at a peak?

Ol: I believe the genre can go as far as we take it. Creatively it’s just like any other genre, it has its rules and then the rest is up to your imagination

Migsee: I would say it’s still in the early stages. The current attitude from what I can see is that trap isn’t understood as a ‘real’ genre and people seem to be having a hard time to take it seriously. I guess it went the same way with dubstep and now it’s in a crazy demand, there is no denying that trap will do the same thing. In my eyes it’s here to stay.


“The culture vultures will jump on the next music fad, and the artists who keep doing their thing will shine through, as they are doing now.”-Migsee


HH: Can you explain how you want people listening to your beats and sets to feel?

Ol: Awesome. Everyone should feel awesome.

HH: There has been a lot of criticism that it’s just another genre of music from the hood to be adopted by suburban club-kids do you agree?

Ol : Yep I totally agree, the word trap means ghetto or the function of a ghetto/ghetto lifestyle, run the trap equals control the ghetto.

Migsee: Yeah I agree to an extent, and as it is with most genres, especially hip hop, the culture vultures will jump on the next music fad, and the artists who keep doing their thing will shine through, as they are doing now.

And would you say this is a bad thing? Or a good thing?

Ol – Goes both ways I guess, of course we have to innovate and push a new genre but you can’t forget where it came from and why, gotta pay respect for the guys who made ‘Dat True Trap Sound’. In other words the founders deserve as much shine as the new kids on the block…haha.

Migsee: I guess every new genre needs the support of the ‘hipsters’ in order to take it to a level where it gets noticed. You can’t be an artist and get mad at everyone enjoying it at a mainstream level, because if they didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be where you are. But on the flip, I have always felt a little bit dirty playing anything that’s getting current radio love, and as it happens, Harlem Shake is being thrashed on every radio channel in Perth. And for that, I don’t know if I could play it again!

HH: How did Donald Krunk come about and what inspired the name?

Ol:  Was purely for fun originally,still is but I enjoy making it so much and feel as though we are pretty good at what we do so can’t stop now.

For the name:

Ol: We were firing off random trap pun alias’… I’d like to say I’m pretty damn good at em. [laughs] But yeah Donald Krunk was one of them. Migs is exactly right, we made Esta Loca the same day we thought of the name, so hungover, I suppose we didn’t really think much of it yet other than it was hilarious and fun, but once Klever hit us up I think it clicked for us both. Like woah we can do this.

Migsee: I think we were drunk one night at a club and Ol and I had been making some music and DJing together for a while. We always had good music chemistry and when Donald Krunk came up we both laughed about a drunk duck sippin’ on syrup and the next day we were Donald Krunk. I think we made Esta Loca that same day and dropped it as soon as we could. We got some immediate love on SoundCloud from the likes of Klever (one of my turntablist/trap producer idols from Atlanta) who emailed us saying he dug our sound etc. For me personally, that has been one of my biggest drives to keep on it.

HH: What are you guys working on at the moment?

Ol : A lot! All top secret, but a lot and dropping out very soon.

HH: Explain Perth’s Trap/Hip Hop scene….

Ol: Trap beats would be, Ta-Ku, Donald Krunk, Zeke, and Charlie Chan, probably some more guys out there we haven’t met yet, but these are the prominent artists. As for the hip hop scene, there is actually a massive talent pool here, so many crazy beat makers! A lot! And emcees also: Delirious, Rae, HyClass, Wallah, $ammy, Cup (the Empty Cup) as we like to call him and the list goes on. A lot of these artists are also close friends of ours.

“Nothing better than a crowd willing to come on a journey with you, and know your personal tunes. Such a good feeling! Better than Molly”

Ol Wright


HH: Who are your musical influences?

Ol : I would prefer to say great music is my influence, there are many artist but few that make the hairs on your neck stand up, or make you actually feel rich emotion through listening to their music, those few are my influence.

Migsee: I have many great influences also. I grew up in punk music and played in a hard-core band for years. I think that influence pushed my sound to the heavier side of electronic music but in saying that I still make sure I make time for those styles of music, and I never want to lose that.

HH: What can listeners look out for from Donald Krunk in 2013?

Ol : Some gig tunes, hard tunes, chill tunes. Pretty much whatever mood we feel like we need music for. But all will be real trap shit.

HH: Wellington missed out on Flosstradamus in the end. Can you explain the experience opening for them and what their show was like in Perth?

Ol : Opening for them was insane, the room was like a sardine can, so many people! It was awesome to see everyone bouncing in unison to our own tunes.

Migsee: It was crazy fun! We had a room full of people willing to get down with us and that is a great feeling. I could barely get out of the booth to watch them when we had finished, so I only watched bits and pieces of their set but they did a great job. It’s a show that people will talk about for a looooong time I think.

HH: Who or what is your favourite kind of crowd or gig to play to?

Ol : People who love your music. Nothing better than a crowd willing to come on a journey with you, and know your personal tunes. Such a good feeling! Better than Molly.

HH: Name your top 3 trap Producers/DJs/Artists:

Ol :  Loudpvck, Bauuer and Lex Luger of course.

Migsee:  Baauer for sure, Falcons and TNGHT

HH: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you feel people should know about Donald Krunk?

Ol : Yeah for sure.. We the shit! Get familiar!! Ohh yeah and triangles, heaps of triangles.

Follow Donald Krunk HERE

Download their Stacks x Kwacks Mixtape below:

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