Review: Tony Douglas- 199x

Download, Newness



“You are probably the grossest human being I have ever seen….So I have a feeling that we should kiss.”  This is how the intro to the second track ‘Mxthd’ goes for 199X by Tony Douglas, one half of Hamilton duo, Calm The Fuck Down. Not only that, Douglas opens track one, ‘Brksovr’ with a Jigga reference and so this is already a winner in my book. 199X is a very brief glimpse at the intricate talent that is Tony Douglas. When he is CTFD he is hyper-ruckus, the drugs without the substance – CTFD are the substance. On 199X Douglas is the come down, as these beats are chill, jazzy, boom bap, soulful.

Tony Douglas is exciting – it must all come down to the way he manages to spell words and make them look slightly Greek or Russian whilst remaining understandable at the same time. After closer a look I realized he just disregarded vowels. I wonder, if I promise to buy them, if he’d make the beats longer next time?

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