Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment


Assembly will go down in the new, new hip hop history that’s being created by an extremely talented bunch of people: Jay Knight, Spycc & INF, Diaz Grimm, Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, Tom Scott and Tony Douglas all attended Assembly which was created when Jay Knight decided he wanted to throw a party with his friends and just have a good time. Along with the help of Lex Sim, Assembly was born.

Knight says, “It was my first gig I’ve ever had to promote/setup/manage so I was just thrown in the deep end with no experience. It went just as I expected it to with a few hiccups that no one really knew about. Naming no names! Welly really came out last-minute and the gig ended up sold out!..Assembly 2 maybe in the future!”

All the feed back post show glowed with excitement over the potential for a new kind of hip hop party in New Zealand.

It’s an exciting time to be down with hip hop. Assembly was definitely a hallmark of much good shit to come.

Photo mash-up and video courtesy of Patrick Wilson.

Check out whendidyoufallinlovewithhiphop’s Facebook page for more footage HERE

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