Review: A$AP Mob Turnt Up The Logan Campbell Centre

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“This ain’t a concert, it’s a party,” said A$AP Rocky.

And the A$AP Mob did just that on Tuesday night at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland. The energy was for lack of a better word, TURNT, and if all rap shows promised the ‘A$AP Mob experience’ artists could give their music out for free and play ‘fat cat’ on a mat of concert money. Actually, A$AP Rocky’s smile is kind of like that Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland – cheeky and pretty infectious. Genuinely infectious. Even when he got girls on stage to leave their dignity at the stage floor, scramble up from the audience, and keen to bend over a little – I was still in the crowd thinking, ‘damn this is one wild ass party’.

I’d heard Kendrick Lamar say at his Perth show ‘this is a party, not a concert, we came to party’ and thought oh I’ve seen this. But when Rocky does it, it’s untouchable. He took the shows status past rap for me and made him and the mob universal music. Touring with a DJ, crew, guitarist and drummer; the lighting was cool, but as far as special effects go, that was it. The rest was on him to work the stage and make people as happy as he was, and he did. As he openly admits he is still a kid inside who just wants to have fun; he showed that he wasn’t just working another show in some foreign country, like other rappers have done when they come here; he was doing what he loves, as a big kid looking to have big boys fun, expressing, ‘I love titties, I do.’

Though the last half of the show was just the DJ spinning tunes with as many people on stage as could fit, what I thought was a short show was actually my fault, as the ticket said 8pm start and I came at nine. ‘It’s a rap show’ I told my cousin. A total miscalculation, as I rocked up Wild For The Night was already playing and A$AP Ferg had done a whole set, Spycc later told me. So if you’re going to the Oz shows, go on time.


Buy packing out the Logan Campbell Centre the way he did, A$AP took his status in NZ from being ‘that famous rapper guy who made that song with Skrillex’ to rock star rapper. And though my cousin from the North Shore could recognize about 70% of the people in there and the girls on stage all got picked up by their parents in SUV’s like we were at a school disco, I didn’t care. A$AP himself proved he and his team are the real deal. The line in his track Goldie, ‘yes I’m the shit, tell me does it stink’ rings true as I say, anyone who wasn’t there missed out on one of the best rap concert in a very long time. There was weed, moshing, fighting, smiles, boobs, bras and more weed, silly girls and a lot of bass – a true rap concert.

Closing out his show, the 24-year-old expressed it was a blessing to see different colours and ethnicities all the way out in New Zealand at his show, because we are the future.’It’s a blessing to be here,’ he said.

The A$AP Mob will stream their Sydney show on June 28th HERE

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