Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013


Saturday September 28th was one of the most remarkable party nights in Wellington this year. Good As Gold and Mazdef Productions hosted Good Shit 2013 at Meow in Wellington, bringing the last weekend of the month to a spectacular close.

Pre-show, this block party was one to be extremely excited about. With a range of DJ’s and musicians including Beat Mob, Disco Dam G, 3ch∆in$&a†∆•nga & band, Totems, Kev Fresh, Race Banyon & Yvnalesca, B-Lo, DJ Yesh, and Playdirt & Legal Money/4Chainz playing both inside the bar and the outside area; it felt so awesome walking in and being greeted by music and free beer. Not long after pizza from one of Wellington’s best places, Tommy Millions, was served. Note: All of this happened before 8PM, which made the event feel like a massive barbeque with lots of cool shit happening around you.

As the night went on numbers grew rapidly, and the party really started to pick up; which brings me closer to the main event. Canadian Hip Hop/Jazz trio BadBadNotGood took the stage; the crowd was good and warmed up thanks to Totems. All I can say from here on is that if you like madness at gigs, you would’ve died for this one. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like ruckus, you should learn to embrace such madness, because for me it was frightening BUT amazing. The crowd fed off BBNG’s amazing stage presence. These guys didn’t have to do much except be the exceptional musicians they are; playing keyboards, bass guitar and drums; they provided the emotion and excitement that ignited the crowd. There was a bit, well, A LOT of falling, spilling of drinks and pushing…But what is a party without a little ruckus?

If there’s a Good Shit 2014 and you missed this one, then you my friend should be the one copping early bird tickets next year. DO NOT twiddle your thumbs around themselves, umming and arring over whether you should go. To be the person hunting for tickets three hours after the party’s started, hoping the universe will make an exception for you when the show is sold out, is not the buzz… Meanwhile your mates are all inside getting turnt as fuck. Anyway, there aren’t really any other words to express how cool this was. As someone who isn’t really keen on huge crowds at gigs and concerts, I learned one very important thing — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Check out our Facebook photo album of the gig HERE. All photos have been shot courtesy of JAM Photography (By Anna Jamieson)

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