Interview: Third3ye — GVRDEN GANG — Do You See What I See?


The Chiefs had just won the Super14 the day Third3ye rappers Melowdownz and Angelo King travelled to Hamilton to shoot their first video ‘Third3ye’ with producer and independent video-director, Tony Douglas. Standing in front of a dairy busking Angelo remembers, ‘The bro [Melodownz] was going up with his hat asking for cash bro, and they were chucking coins at him’. To which Melodownz adds, ‘Bro, we got like nugs in the hat and some ciggys’. In the interview with whendidyoufallinlovewithhiphop we leave the sound check of their Natural Mystics gig in Wellington and head to the wharf, it’s guy fawkes night and the notoriously dodgy Wellington weather is perfectly sunny.  The city’s bubbling with energy. Third3ye, Raiza Biza, Jordan Cherrington (JC Films), DJ Pleez and I sit on the wharf in a circle. We talk about growing up with a higher consciousness and how people living on this level, now as adults, connect with each other from foreign places because they understand the ‘vibrations’ and it’s comfortable. GVRDEN Gang beat-producer, Ben Jamin’ says, ‘I think we’re just like certain human beings who are aware of the world more-so and don’t have to conform to a 9-5 and we are creative people who are about living life first and foremost.’

Angelo: One of Melodownz’s lines that he spits on this track we did called Medicine is like ‘music is sound  — and sound is a vibe, vibration is life, salvation is why we... and it’s like vibration is life and if you break it down to the physics level, to what Albert Einstein was looking at and things like that, it’s things that move, anything that has movement and has a vibrational pattern is alive. We’re talking about the energy that’s creating that vibration and how it permeates through everything. You know in our abstract way and it’s like you can listen to the music and take whatever you want out of it, it’s a skeleton for what ever you want to believe in”.

Bronson is crazy-clever and charming, but his rhymes are even better. Angelo wears John Lennon-style sun glasses and spits a truth that originates in his good heart. DJ Toru explains that when he needs to meditate he just needs to be in nature, “I’ll go sit on a hill — that’s one thing I’ve figured out about me is if I’m on a hill and by a tree, that’s the best meditative state I could be in. Straight up, you need to try that shit”.  Angelo and Melodownz say Third3ye was born from a kinda like Redman, Method Man situation where it was like:  ‘Yo, you blaze? A genuine type thing where it just happened’.

So then I asked what a GVRDEN GANG run country be like:

Angelo: A Utopian Civilization. 

MeloDownz: Yoooo! A Euphoria.

DJ Toru: Okay, make it interesting, what five laws would you implement in your country… And you have to rank them.

Angelo: Though shall not kill. Rule number one.

DJ Toru[ Looks off into the sky] That’s rule number one.

Raiza Biza: Nah, nah, but you got to implement laws that are not already laws.

Melodownz: Aw, give the indigenous, like if you look at the scale, our indigenous people, even in America and everywhere, the indigenous ones that are from the land are like incarcerated or…

Me: Nah, but you know what you do bro? You take away the value of money, and cast and indigenous, what you look like and where you’re from don’t matter no more.

Melodownz: Exactly, like, yeah.

Me:  You take away all our monetary resources, you force people to farm, fish and build and grow vegetables and what not and then you make people trade again.

Melodownz: Do you know what? You’re GVRDEN yo.

“It’s that organic, indigenous, Hip Hop infused music that is dear to all of our hearts , you know because it’s a part of us in some way” — Angelo

Meeting Young Gifted and Broke crew Third3ye was an ethereal/buzzy experience in itself — music aside. The boys are all connected on a higher level of consciousness that considers utopian societies, a track which tells a good story about LSD, giving indigenous cultures back their mana and many other things like this; all recorded onto Ben Jamin’s’ beats which hit a J Dilla-esque on beat off beat pattern. After less than a year together as Third3ye, the gang are snowballing a following of listeners and believers to their GVRDEN. As their logo turns the Illuminati symbol upside down, Melowdownz explains, it’s so the human race prevails on top of the evil that often dictates individual’s circumstances in this world.

Get the full audio here:

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