Review: August Alsina, Downtown —Life Under The Gun.Wow. Don’t Sleep.

Interview, Music, Rap

This is the epitome of Southern Boy fly. Downtown — Life Under The Gun is the debut EP for August Alsina. In 2013 Lloyd was here in Wellington with DJ Kelo and the piece was titled G’d Up R&B. Life Under The Gun takes that term used on Lloyd to a whole new level;  Alsina has that appeal that is probably better described in  a southern dialect like Afrikaans or something, for real. Something like ‘bakgat’ (make sure you get the rough accent in too). Certainly there is something magnetic about boys from the south of places. All of this praise is due because the real in the harmonies and the raw in the subject matter make it relatable; in a way that makes August recognizable to other people coming up from hard places all over the world. Alsina hits tones of Usher and Trey Songz, but thankfully he lacks the cheese. Life Under The Gun is a strong foot forward as he’s crossed over to the world, blazin. Check it all out. It’s all good, and hopefully as major labels start to pay attention to him, he can keep the same sense of street in his music.


Lloyd and August also have a song together called Sucka…  I thought I was going to prefer August but next to each other, they each have their own appeal. On Alisina’s ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ the outro goes, I woke up and I called my cousin back, and was like, whatsup ya heard me? ….[August starts crying]…

“And a nigga told me a nigga killed my brother, so from that point on it was always like, man you gotta…it’s either this or that… and a nigga can’t chose that route ya heard me, somebody gotta survive, so that’s what it was.”

Hearing August cry is really intense and makes you uncomfortable but I think that’s the point. Things are not nice all the time.

Definitely, the EP’s been on repeat and we look forward to more in the coming year.

Get it on iTunes HERE

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