Review — David Dallas & The Daylight Robbery


With a black and yellow ‘Welly 04’ shirt on his back, David Dallas announced he and the crew wouldn’t be doing a show again in Wellington for a while, with the realisation of this, Welly showed love on Saturday night at Bodega. Closing out Wellington’s One Orientation week, Aucklanders: Spycc, Jordache, The Daylight Robbery and D. gave a superb performance  – as usual.

The Daylight Robbery were bad-ass (because they are), and if you’re not familiar with their music then you can treat yourself to their Bandcamp for a ‘name your price’ HERE. I read somewhere the band are releasing new music in 2014, and that’s something to get excited about. Follow them on Facebook HERE.

On the bus, come Monday morning, I bumped into Percieve who mentioned ‘D Dot crowds have so much love’.

Also opening on the night before Dallas’ set were: Percieve, Name UL, The Shakedown, Drax Project and Spycc.

“Bro, you guys were BAADDD!” NZ DMC Champion, DJ Gooda told Matt —  the beat maker from Wellington outfit, Drax Project. Smoko-time outside saw local artists buzzing on the eclectic mix of Welly-made hip hop; all sharing the same Bodega stage; previously unknown to each other, there was good energy being exchanged. Check out Drax Project HERE.

Gooda had been up DJing for Percieve – who also had Sam P and his Make Music Aotearoa label mate, Tommy Graffiti performing with him. Follow Make Music Aotearoa HERE.

Spinning the interludes was Dam G; bringing some sweet hip hop flavour; all-in-all this O-week gig was a true Welly affair. Punters left satisfied and then it was on to the after party at Good Luck…But not before an encore, which coaxed David back to the stage for ‘Southside’, off his album ‘Falling Into Place’ ( a personal favourite).  As well on the set was the classic ‘Big Time’, relating back to his own uni days, and ‘Take A Picture’ from the Rose Tint album.

‘Let’s do some shit,’ he smiled at DJ Kamikaze. Then, his job was done. As Percieve said, upon reflection, D. crowds in Welly are legit.

Photo Credit: Bradley Garner

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