Review: Third3ye @ The Kings Arms, Auckland


Welcome to the temple: Third3ye’s album release party.

By Liam Edkins

A heavily scented room filled with a stage, bar and a few hundred people was the scene on Saturday night at Kings Arms in Auckland City. Third3ye’s new album ‘On3ness’ was the occasion in which people had come to show support including other local artists and genuine hip hop heads. An underground hip hop presence was definitely felt when walking into the venue. The setting had a tranquil vibe as the lights coloured the stage in blues and greens creating an almost spiritual aura when looking towards it. Supporting acts included Bad Crop and Team Dynamite; both crews are amazing lyricists and created an atmosphere where everybody in the crowd was moving in some kind of way — whether it was just their heads or flat out dancing. Lucky Lance and Tony Tz from Team Dynamite had people hollering “Y G B, Y-Y G B, Y G B, Y-Y G B” which amped up the audience in to straight anarchy.

Lance and Tony Tz from Team Dynamite had people hollering “Y G B, Y-Y G B, Y G B, Y-Y G B” 

Two members of Third3ye, MellowDownz and Angelo King, could be seen walking around the venue conversing with fans and friends, who I think mostly were both, which was an awesome thing to see. Artists who appreciate their fans and friends are always setting a good example and creating a solid ambiance for everyone.

Before Third3ye made their way on stage the DJ played an exclusive new music video ‘3ye spy’ from On3ness which received massive applauds and readied the audience for an incredible performance by the group. As Third3ye took centre stage, their lyrics were deep and meaningful which I think goes along way with hip hop fans because we are able to relate easily to the words they’re spitting.  The content I felt was very one-loving and I almost had this portrayal of the two as these rappers of the land who rhyme about spiritual and physical experiences they’ve encountered since living. The crowd and atmosphere was as one with the music, you had people raising their hands in support and people going crazy over their lyrical technique. I took a look around to watch the facial expressions of the fans and all of them where all caught up within the music and you could easily tell they believed in what they were spitting. Early on in their set they were joined by Bailey Wiley who is another underground artist; together they rocked the crowd for a couple of songs including ‘Fengswayzie’ which comments on some of the negatives in the world and our environment, but also how we need to overcome them together to create that perfect place for all.

All the songs were obviously from their new album ‘On3ness’ which they handed out on the door when walking in and inside was an explanation of the album which said

“On3ness to us is a concept that describes the circle of infinite connections, binding all things. Our expressions of this philosophy is what you will hear right here – the best way we can through musical vibrations”.

Third3ye is a collective of musicians who are spiritually conscious and are on the same page, the group consists of Auckland MC’s MelowDownz and Angelo King, Northland DJ/Producer DJ TORU and internationally acclaimed producer Ben Jamin. Together they have put out two EP’s and one album. They all heavily believe in the third eye concept and are able to interpret their world within clever and clear lyrics laced in groovy/jazzy beats.  Their spiritual approach towards hip hop is easily a breath of fresh air and are always pushing messages of philosophy , enlightenment and higher consciousness.

It was my first time experiencing the underground hip hop scene and it was safe to say that shit was inspiring; to see this family of musicians come together to support and contribute to the night was solid. It’s great that the hip hop culture in New Zealand is so strong even if it is still underground.

Third3ye will be in Wellington performing with the No Problemos in Kapiti this Friday, May  2nd

Checkout On3ness below:

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