Review: Jeremih — Don’t Tell Em’ Tour @ The Grand, Wellington

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The best part Wellington clubbers could learn from the Jeremih show on Wednesday night was; just because a woman whose a stranger to a man whose a stranger to that woman are getting down like they’re about to get it on — don’t mean they have to feel shame or get married, you don’t even have to know each others names…

I liked that.

The difference between Jeremih and say Mario’s last-minute, tour off the back of Australia, sell them cheap tickets and perform for 15 minute set, was the music quality.

Yes it’s pop/R&B. But there’s a section in Jeremih’s approach that steers him well away from other C-grade artists touring AUS and NZ recently. Listen to Late NYC. Then listen to All About You.  Then play ‘Birthday Sex’ on Jeremih….just for the fuck of it.

Some criticisms I’ve heard about the night is that they came out too late and people had work the next day; I’d also heard people say that the Grand is a dodgy venue to be at. TBH I really like the wood and brick interior, the balcony makes smoking convenient and when you’re peoples are all in there turning up, who cares where you’re at right?

Wellington needs to get behind these gigs more so Shan and Raw can keep bringing us more MUSIC like Jeremih. All too often I tell people what I did on a Wednesday night or the weekend and the answer I get is “Huh? I didn’t even know they were here”. (Freddie Gibbs, Bone Thugs, Lloyd).

The best part about going to a show held by Shan And Raw is the non-pretense; there’s a filtering system in the nature of their shows thats dictates: you come if you come and want to see the act because they’re good and that’s the bottom line; all the technical skill required to put on a 100-type show is there when these guys do it. The openers are chosen specifically (Jesse Antonio, Ray Tait – MMA). The DJ’s hold it down and set it off in between sets, in particular DJ Gooda, Marek and DJ Raw.

What’s needed is more attendance and open-mindedness at these shows. More foot traffic gives the promoters more options regarding who they can bring.

Who knows, maybe ‘International Wednesdays’ can become a permanent thing. $30 – $40 to see Jeremih is all good really. Personally, I’d like to see August Alsina before I die, or even before 2014 is done and then it would be moved to James Cabaret anyway. Not to mention, if we can build the momentum and really get into it, artists like Jeremih might be able to pre-know that Late NYC would be a joint we’d actually want to hear live in the middle of the club as opposed to a straight commercial set, maybe.

When DJ Gooda went to New York he said what he noticed about their clubs there is the party-goers ability to still get down to a slow beat and then take their energy back up again as the DJ’s set travelled along peaks and falls. Welly has different pockets of hip hop and R&B lovers who party separately but love the same music. We’re not too cool to open our minds and take the dance/hip hop/party scene up a couple notches…Are we? Surely not.

Check out our Chicago photo essay by Sara Coe. 

One thought on “Review: Jeremih — Don’t Tell Em’ Tour @ The Grand, Wellington

  1. Nice write up. Not a fan of the music but it sounded a good show & agree, people need to get out there for people to come here, without us, there is no them.

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