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“[ON3NESS] is not a bad fad at the end of the day, and I expected when we first began doing Third3ye, if it did pop off, this is what could happen you know; people could start taking this as a fad and it’s not the worst thing in the world for people to be thinking about; as long as it evokes a conversation inside of your brain,” says Angelo King from Third3ye.

Auckland based collective Third3ye are expanding their community with a new clothing brand ‘Third3ye Clothing’. WDYFILWHH catch up with Angelo King to talk about their plans to represent Aotearoa internationally, the next album, and their affiliation with Red Bull Sound Select. Listen to the audio interview below:

Ray Shultz aka DJ Toru
Ray Shultz aka DJ Toru

HH: Are there any dangers in people misconstruing the On3ness message the more people catch onto the music, because On3ness stems from something a lot deeper than just music. 

A: Yup, I think the dangers come when people think they’re above other people because they’re more spiritually conscious or they’re more connected and stuff you know; like that’s totally not what the message is. You can be more in tune than another person but it doesn’t make you any more righteous or have any more of a right to be on this planet. And I think that’s what people do with popular culture is they become experts in that aspect of the popular culture and then they think they’re above everybody else who’s trying to be a part of that popular culture and that’s kind of the paradox within the On3ness message you know.


“A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true. Most logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking.


HH: Okay so Third3ye clothing, who is 

A: A friend of mine from university, Dan Hawke, started a company called and he’s now doing a subsidiary company called The Craft & Stitch and what they’re doing is; he approached me about a month and a half ago and was like, ‘man people aren’t doing the music-clothing game proper, everyone is just getting AS Colour t-shirts and they’re printing shit on them and then sending them away you know’.

He’s basically providing a way for us to cultivate our own fashion label and the sky’s the limit essentially. It’s our own label like we’ve got Third3ye tags and stuff, it’s called Third3ye Clothing, nothing on the clothes is not Third3ye.

There are three jerseys in in the first range with three different styles of t-shirts as well and this is basically the first range, we just want to promote On3ness and we just want to promote the brand Third3ye; then from that point on we’ll start to veer off into more, kind of unique branding strategies and situations where we’ll have a limited edition 20 t-shirts  or something like that.

Ben Jamin

HH: So the design in the first line uses the Om symbol. 

A: An om symbol, which is older than western civilisation, we can take that because it is a universal symbol, we’re not claiming it as our own; what we’re actually doing is putting in onto the front of a jersey so people can actually look at it and familiarise themselves with it you know and then be like, ‘What is that?’ and then they can investigate what it is.

The om to me, it’s got multiple meanings, but the om to me is the vibration of life like everything that lives and that is alive; even breaking it down to physics, it all has a vibration and the om essentially is that vibration of equilibrium that keeps everything alive, if you know what I mean, it’s the big bang, it’s all of those things.


Om (written universally as ; in Devanagari as ओंoṃ[õː]औंauṃ[ə̃ũ], or ओ३म्om[õːm]) is a mantra and mystical Sanskritsound of Hindu origin (geographically India and Nepal), sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism,Buddhism, and Jainism.

A: I want people to feel mana to wear our jerseys you know, that’d be a really, really amazing experience and an amazing feeling for me personally.

HH: What’s next for Third3ye, aside from releasing clothing? 

A: Ohh, you’re the first person we’ve told! So, basically, the next steps for us is we’re really working really, really hard to get a summer tour going. So we wanna basically hit some festivals over the summer time, we’ve been speaking to a few; and elevate our live performance to festival heights which is what we’ve always wanted to do; after the boys get back from the States — Ray and Ben are over in America at the moment, they’re living in an apartment for two weeks and they’re just going to be making banger after banger and when they come back home, that’s when we’re going to start thinking about the next album.

*Angelo and Melodownz also have solo projects coming in the latter half of 2014 and Third3ye Clothing can be purchased on the website.

**Third3ye would like to thank Jono Das for the On3ness design and also Liam ‘City’ Moore for the Third3ye patch.

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