Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR — Party Next Door II (The same formula Drake uses to steal daughters).

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If I really look at the cover for Jahron Anthony Brathwaite aka PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Party Next Door II I wonder where the face for the initial image went. And what we’re expected to make of it.

Song # 2 is titled ‘SLS’ and is where PARTYNEXTDOOR goes from the status, ‘Oh that guy’s from the same place Drake’s from, right? To, ‘Who the fuck is this guy bringing G’d up R’n B, like R Kelly without the charges?’

Jahron Anthony Brathwaite is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound —  a calibre of talent that is no longer playing music, these artists are playing Monopoly and Kanye’s the banker. Jigga’s the King. Drake is the Joker or maybe the Bishop. ..All I can ACTUALLY say though, is track number #3 is like… If you have someone to share your body with when this song peaks, I am happy for you. Baby making-type-fucking is good. #4 reminds me that it’s better to be a “dark skin girl with a light skin groove”. ..Because, as he’ll tell you in the next song is, “She gets her way”…”She can have her way…yayeyayeryayayerr…” #6, ‘Grown Woman’ makes me check myself, as a woman Jahron offers  male insight (the same formula Drake uses to steal daughters) into how one looks from a certain perspective. I wonder if I like it. Do I agree with it? Am I letting other people decide my life for me. Or am I doing me — Dopely, which is the only thing in life that matters. #7, FWU, comes in with that New Orleans sound in the Monopoly; the auto tune vocals reach depths that go harder than other modern auto tune apparatus’. I suspect it’s Jahron’s original push of energy from his chest being (clearly) more special than others’ who dabble in modern day auto-tune. 8# Recognize features Drake. The line “All these bitches know that you’re my nigga” is all any woman wants to hear at the end of the day.

Recognize allows Drake a space to get even sweeter with his flow, it’s like quality saccharine which we all secretly indulge in. This song makes him a crystal kind of slick. “Name the other things the other men won’t do for ya, I’ll do for ya thats real.” Party Next Door 2 is gold love.

LISTEN to Recognize here:

(But definitely play yourself SLS) 



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