Review: YG & Ty Dolla $ign, Melbourne



By Hariata Sanders

Being a slow but enthusiastic joiner to the genre of trap, I (naturally) had high hopes for the show. Ty Dolla $ign’s latest album ‘$ign Language’ was played repeatedly throughout my house and work place from the moment I got it. I had heard and enjoyed a few of YG’s more well known songs but hadn’t really ventured into territory where I’d decided my own opinion of his music. I knew he liked to turn up and he made me want to, too. So it seemed inevitable the show was to be a fun time.

$ign came out strong with good energy and really engaged with the crowd. After his first few songs a girl appeared on stage with him, where he continued the show while giving her a lap dance. He then accepted one in return before shooing her back to the crowd with her fellow commoners. It was harmless and acceptable even given that there was no age limit in the general admission crowd (standing nearest the stage).

YG’s personal DJ followed straight after $ign to continue the hype of the crowd – getting everyone to throw their W’s in the air while a plain white backdrop screamed ‘COMPTON’ in red old english font.

YG ran out excitedly with a banger and the crowd revelled in it. Everyone was dancing hard, smoking blunts, and I relished it all as recognition of ‘turning up’..

And then the beginning of the “titty plead” began. YG paced the stage slowly while speaking of his appreciation toward his fans. He then turned the attention toward the fans he was supposedly entertaining, harassing young females to throw their “bra’s and panties” up onto the stage, so he can really witness their level of devotion toward him as an artist. It seemed kind of funny at first.. I guess we were all hoping he was joking. But when he started to get a bit of a result – affecting naive 15-year-olds, deciding that’s just what you do at concerts – he decided that wasn’t enough:

“Now if y’all really got love for a nigga out here, y’all show us some titties!” Where his on stage posse joined in, chanting “tiit-ties! tiit-ties!!” After about 10 minutes of seeing girls titties from the stage they decided it was worthy of a few more songs. During the final stage of their titty plea I noticed a few real fans leave, disappointed at the lack of music or their surroundings, it was clearly evident YG’s love is not in his music.

I won’t lie and say the whole night was ruined by it, since I still had a fun experience. There were moments when YG really made me laugh hard. He got the whole top seated tier to shout “suck my dick” to the lower level standing audience, and I thought that shit was hilarious. Ty Dolla $ign did a great show and when he came back out to cameo in YG’s performance (topless), the atmosphere in the place escalated further.

But realising that I was supporting a guy who’s fame was derived from merely depicting a rapper’s lifestyle, made me very aware of this whole new realm of hip hop that I’m not quite sold on.  The hip hop I fell in love with is raw and heartfelt and inspiring – a want to escape the struggle. I guess girls come hand in hand with being a rapper, I don’t know. But just like money or fame, it shouldn’t be considered as apart of the want to make music. Anyway, I’d say it was his blatant misogyny and disrespect for young women that has made me decide to discontinue to support him.

But you know I still got love for Ty Dolla $ign though right? He really came out on top!

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