Make Up: Tallulah McLean @look.bomb

After life hands you out ripe lemons in succession, the bounce back can require a hard screw-face for a glow up. When this happened to Tallulah McLean, after a few shitty days, she rose to the occasion and her make up page @look.bomb was resurrected.

“When you provide beauty services you see people’s confidence boost so quickly. It’s so gratifying to be a part of that emotional/physical glow up for someone. I love making people feel good and it’s a super fun outlet for me,” Tallulah says.

It is a space where she showcases her superb eye make up blends and gives video time lapses of how she does it.

During lockdown, her page was a good reminder that people were still in their various corners of the world, slaying away at their art forms.

Tucked away in Te Horo, off the coast near Wellington New Zealand, Tallulah started getting looks on Insta from make up artist idols like Pat McGrath and Fenty Beauty. It’s small wins like this that make her an inspiration to follow. Featuring clients like Lorde and Venus X for Acclaim Magazine we can’t wait to see what McLean does next.

SERUM: Who are you in 10 words?
Tallulah: Loud, stubborn, right, talented, passionate, driven, and pretty as f*ck.

S: Where are you from?
T: Born in Wellington, NZ but raised in England. My mum’s a Pakeha-Kiwi and my dad was African American.

S: What drives you?
T: Ever since I was little I wanted to leave my mark on the world in some way. Now that I’ve realised how much I love makeup I just want to go full out with it! My passion is to make something out of myself. To be able to make a living while doing something I love still is definitely my main motivator.

Tallulah McLean – Owner/Stylist/Make Up Artist @look.bomb

T: How did @look.bomb begin?
S: I’d been freelancing on and off for years since getting my diploma in makeup artistry. I was so scared to start anything online though so I put it off for years and years haha. I had a really good run of makeup jobs at the end of 2017 and had some sick photos from them so I just decided to start a makeup based IG and boom! Lookbomb was created!

S: What was happening in your world when you started @look.bomb?
T: I was in a huge rut at the time. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life and spent so much time looking at my friends and how well they were doing and I just got sick of not having
anything of my own. Even though I’m really still just starting, it’s reassuring for my psychy to have a constant creative project on the go. My friends and family were/are so supportive of me starting up so that was a huge reason as to why I felt confident to finally just do it.

S: Describe your passion for the beauty industry:

T: I’m obsessed with anything and everything makeup, nails, skincare, hair care related haha. I just spend all my free time researching new trends in the community and am constantly trying out new things on myself. When you provide beauty services you see people’s confidence boost so quickly. It’s so gratifying to be a part of that emotional/physical glow up for someone. I love making people feel good and it’s a super fun outlet for me.

S: Where does it originate from?
T: I would definitely say my mum and granny are quite into the beauty scene as well so I think it definitely rubbed off on me from a young age. All three of us enjoy pampering ourselves and
looking/feeling good as much of the time as we can.

Venus X for Acclaim Magazine, make up by Tallulah.

S: Who have been some of your favourite jobs?
T: Last year in Melbourne I had the opportunity to do Venus X the DJ from NYC’s makeup for the
cover of Acclaim Magazine and that was so dope. I’d been a fan of her for years. Also when I was training at TMS (The Makeup School) I had the chance to do Lorde’s makeup for her old high school’s fashion show haha. That was so incredible! But I was so nervous doing that to be honest, it was definitely not my best work at all.

S: What else do you do aside from beauty and make up?
T: I make natural skincare and perfume with my mum. I eat a lot haha and listen to horror podcasts.

S: Who/What were your top five inspos during Lockdown?
1. RIRI!! always Rihanna.

2. @thertistedit on IG.

3. My cat Kit Kat (he’s just really got his shit together).

4. Facetiming my friends provided daily inspo to get up every day haha.

5. Starting to do makeup videos was super motivating because I just wanted to make videos every day. Once you start making them and seeing the positive feedback you just want to keep on going!

Frankie Berge, make up by Tallulah.

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