Review: Third3ye @ The Kings Arms, Auckland

Welcome to the temple: Third3ye’s album release party. By Liam Edkins A heavily scented room filled with a stage, bar and a few hundred people was the scene on Saturday night at Kings Arms in Auckland City. Third3ye’s new album ‘On3ness’ was the occasion in which people had come to show support including other localContinue reading “Review: Third3ye @ The Kings Arms, Auckland”

Review: Nas — Illmatic XX

  By Kassie Junkeer Twenty  years ago Illmatic became an essential reference; one which all hip-hop heads must be well educated on — and rightly so. Nas’s Illmatic is one of the most influential and celebrated albums in all of hip-hop history. 2014 marks the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic, proving the timelessness of this game-changing album. Nas wasContinue reading “Review: Nas — Illmatic XX”

Review: Rick Ross — Mastermind Is Gangsta Chic

By Kassie Junkeer Most famous for his smash hit single ‘Hustlin’, Rick Ross’s name and all associated connotations are iconic in music culture. William Leonard Roberts II takes his name after ‘Freeway Rick Ross’, who is known to be a notorious drug-lord. With this acquired street credibility, Rick Ross entered the music scene in 2006Continue reading “Review: Rick Ross — Mastermind Is Gangsta Chic”

Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron

By Kassie Junkeer Schoolboy Q’s latest and fourth album Oxymoron is an artistic mixture of menacing vocals and melodic and often gentle loops. The fitting title of the album brings attention to the ominous tone of some of the tracks but also the contradicting styles presented. Q passionately explores a vast array of his undulatingContinue reading “Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron”