New: P.R — Next Destination (Remix) feat Awon

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By Kassie Junkeer

P.R., a producer from Sydney, brings us a diverse range of refreshing beats. He is gaining recognition for his musical composition on a global scale, having collaborated with artists from around the world. His most recent solo EP, Moment in Time was via Cult Classic Records, based in the UK.

The stems of his latest track release, ‘Next Destination ft. Awon’, come from this EP. The already delicious sixth track is combined with the slick flow of New York based MC, Awon.

“The flamboyant brass and subtle Latina vocal samples give the track a jazzy flavour, complementing the rhythm of Awon’s poetry.”

Since its release, 16 days ago, ‘Next Destination’ has gone seemingly viral. Already having been ‘liked’ by over 2000 SoundCloud followers, this beatstrumental is melodic and soulful. Additionally Awon’s lyrical content marks a newfound precision for the Australian. The opening of the track is a gentle filtered crescendo, reminiscent of that distinctive quality of audio you would hear from a distant passer by listening to their iPod on full blast. In conjunction with Awon’s opening line, the mood of the beat becomes choppy and playful. P.R effortlessly manipulates his original beat to suit the dynamic of Awon’s flow and the song becomes, well, something else. The flamboyant brass and subtle Latina vocal samples give the track a jazzy flavour, complementing the rhythm of Awon’s poetry. Already successfully reaching the ears of enthused hip hop heads; this track marks the beginning of many more neck snapping tracks to come.

Available for free download on P.R’s SoundCloud! (Link above).

Review: Tony Douglas- 199x

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“You are probably the grossest human being I have ever seen….So I have a feeling that we should kiss.”  This is how the intro to the second track ‘Mxthd’ goes for 199X by Tony Douglas, one half of Hamilton duo, Calm The Fuck Down. Not only that, Douglas opens track one, ‘Brksovr’ with a Jigga reference and so this is already a winner in my book. 199X is a very brief glimpse at the intricate talent that is Tony Douglas. When he is CTFD he is hyper-ruckus, the drugs without the substance – CTFD are the substance. On 199X Douglas is the come down, as these beats are chill, jazzy, boom bap, soulful.

Tony Douglas is exciting – it must all come down to the way he manages to spell words and make them look slightly Greek or Russian whilst remaining understandable at the same time. After closer a look I realized he just disregarded vowels. I wonder, if I promise to buy them, if he’d make the beats longer next time?

New: Jay Knight- Keller Helens (Feat. Raiza Biza x Diaz Grimm x Louie Knuxx)

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Jay Knight features some of the hottest emcees ‘Down Under’ has to offer right now. He brings us nothing short of sick production wise…Again! Do yourself a favour  press play:

Keller Helen is the second single off Knight’s forthcoming EP that will be released for free during New Zealand Music Month with a video to match.

For Keller Helen, Knight explains:

“What happened was, Raiza wrote a verse over the ‘Cats Like Fish’ beat for his Summer EP but it ended up in @Peace’s hands and on thier EP…So unfortunately for him I gave it to them. I made this beat around his verse, added Louie, then Diaz and called it Keller Helen after Diaz’s hook.” …If you want to know what Keller Helen is, he says, you will have to ask Diaz Grimm.

New: Raiza Biza-Summer Album

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Hamilton based hip hop artist Raiza Biza has just released his Summer album that he says is a reflection of this summer that’s about to end. In it he got to experience playing to crowds that ‘showed mad love’ and knew the words to his tracks from the last album, Dream Something, released October 2012.  ‘You don’t know how mind fucking that is’, he says. For the first time after a long grind he explains to Hip Hop that the hard slog has been worth it and his efforts might just be down hill from now…

“My Summer album is really a snapshot of this NZ summer that is coming to an end. During that time while I was writing that record it was at a time when I was busiest with performances, I had the opportunity to perform all over the country, more in the north island and I got to see some beautiful places out in Wellington, Raglan, you know I got to hit some beautiful spots and swim in some great places so really I was just soaking in the vibes and just kind of making a soundtrack to it. So I guess they  [listeners] can expect a picture of the summer that I’ve experienced thus far and hopefully a picture of what a NZ summer normally entails”-Raiza Biza

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