Review: Third3ye @ The Kings Arms, Auckland

Welcome to the temple: Third3ye’s album release party. By Liam Edkins A heavily scented room filled with a stage, bar and a few hundred people was the scene on Saturday night at Kings Arms in Auckland City. Third3ye’s new album ‘On3ness’ was the occasion in which people had come to show support including other localContinue reading “Review: Third3ye @ The Kings Arms, Auckland”

Interview: INF — ‘Stand Out Or Stand Back’

  As a kid, Amon Tyson, or INF was curious enough about music to feel for sound waves in a song he liked:  ‘I would always have my hand on the speaker, feeling everything, like all the beats, vibrations and stuff’. Fascinated by the dynamics of why it felt so good to hear, the ideaContinue reading “Interview: INF — ‘Stand Out Or Stand Back’”

Review: David Dallas — Runnin’ Tour, Wellington Show

Missioning into Bodega, Wellington city, last Friday night for David Dallas’ Running Tour; local acts  Jay Knight, Percieve and Kid’ n’ Rei had warmed up the crowd so well, the condensation from people-sweat was already running down the walls.  This only came to our attention, however, when The Daylight Robbery band took the stage; our camera lenses had fogged upContinue reading “Review: David Dallas — Runnin’ Tour, Wellington Show”

Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013

Saturday September 28th was one of the most remarkable party nights in Wellington this year. Good As Gold and Mazdef Productions hosted Good Shit 2013 at Meow in Wellington, bringing the last weekend of the month to a spectacular close. Pre-show, this block party was one to be extremely excited about. With a range ofContinue reading “Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013”