Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR — Party Next Door II (The same formula Drake uses to steal daughters).

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If I really look at the cover for Jahron Anthony Brathwaite aka PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Party Next Door II I wonder where the face for the initial image went. And what we’re expected to make of it.

Song # 2 is titled ‘SLS’ and is where PARTYNEXTDOOR goes from the status, ‘Oh that guy’s from the same place Drake’s from, right? To, ‘Who the fuck is this guy bringing G’d up R’n B, like R Kelly without the charges?’

Jahron Anthony Brathwaite is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound —  a calibre of talent that is no longer playing music, these artists are playing Monopoly and Kanye’s the banker. Jigga’s the King. Drake is the Joker or maybe the Bishop. ..All I can ACTUALLY say though, is track number #3 is like… If you have someone to share your body with when this song peaks, I am happy for you. Baby making-type-fucking is good. #4 reminds me that it’s better to be a “dark skin girl with a light skin groove”. ..Because, as he’ll tell you in the next song is, “She gets her way”…”She can have her way…yayeyayeryayayerr…” #6, ‘Grown Woman’ makes me check myself, as a woman Jahron offers  male insight (the same formula Drake uses to steal daughters) into how one looks from a certain perspective. I wonder if I like it. Do I agree with it? Am I letting other people decide my life for me. Or am I doing me — Dopely, which is the only thing in life that matters. #7, FWU, comes in with that New Orleans sound in the Monopoly; the auto tune vocals reach depths that go harder than other modern auto tune apparatus’. I suspect it’s Jahron’s original push of energy from his chest being (clearly) more special than others’ who dabble in modern day auto-tune. 8# Recognize features Drake. The line “All these bitches know that you’re my nigga” is all any woman wants to hear at the end of the day.

Recognize allows Drake a space to get even sweeter with his flow, it’s like quality saccharine which we all secretly indulge in. This song makes him a crystal kind of slick. “Name the other things the other men won’t do for ya, I’ll do for ya thats real.” Party Next Door 2 is gold love.

LISTEN to Recognize here:

(But definitely play yourself SLS) 



Review: Ab Soul — These Days

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Where Control System made connection with those who listen to music with their heads, it seems as though These Days was made with the soul part of Soul. With all the weariness from  Control System lovers talking about “off singing” or “softer topics”, number 15 (the last song) is strong enough to carry the rest (as if it needed it). That track is ‘W.R.O.H’ feat JMSN— a 23min song featuring a hidden  a cappella which vibes out on some very conscious topics.

Pitchfork wrote:

“Ab-Soul, it was recently revealed, was never signed to Interscope. It’s a poignant revelation, one casting Ab as the last-picked kid in gym class. In the meantime, Isaiah Rashad may have eaten his lunch. But These Days…, which finally sees release this week, doesn’t seem to mind. “

To me, the ‘doesn’t seem to mind part’ is the makings of a ‘dad’ position. Someone confident, solid and strong; someone who doesn’t mind who in his family gets more, because it’s all one in the same at dinner time.

Perhaps Soul knew, when he spat“If I ain’t better than Kendrick then nobody is then”, people would try say Kendrick featured on the better song on the album.

 People have also said Kendrick has the best album on TDE and These Days is full of “trap shit”.

So there’s two scenarios:

  • Ab Soul is making ignant music (REALLY?!!)…(Like actually, you gonna entertain that thought after Control System)…..(Really??)…ok sure.

  • Or they don’t like the commercial sound of it but erm, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was that, wasn’t it?


More and more lately the topics third eye, pineal glands and dimethyltryptamine are creeping into verses.  It is certainly not something new for Ab Soul (just peep the tattoos in Closure).  Last but not least, the Black Hippy legend says on Just Have Fun, “I write with a ghost”. Which to me, is the thirdeye consciousness that I can trust because it’s the same thing anyone coming with soul says.

It’s good to hear more and more of SZA too.


New: Raiza Biza — The Imperfectionist

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Released yesterday, on the man’s birthday, Raiza Biza brings us his studio album ‘The Imperfectionist’.

Recorded at the Red Bull Soundselect studios in Auckland, you can watch the behind the scenes/making of the album HERE. 

Making up his own words, ‘The Imperfectionist’ (pun most likely intended), Raiza lays out his first album and may just beg you to differ. Check out tracks Gravity featuring Piato the Supervillain and Bailey Wiley, Intoxication, New Kings feat Spycc and Maia Rata.

New: P.R — Next Destination (Remix) feat Awon

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By Kassie Junkeer

P.R., a producer from Sydney, brings us a diverse range of refreshing beats. He is gaining recognition for his musical composition on a global scale, having collaborated with artists from around the world. His most recent solo EP, Moment in Time was via Cult Classic Records, based in the UK.

The stems of his latest track release, ‘Next Destination ft. Awon’, come from this EP. The already delicious sixth track is combined with the slick flow of New York based MC, Awon.

“The flamboyant brass and subtle Latina vocal samples give the track a jazzy flavour, complementing the rhythm of Awon’s poetry.”

Since its release, 16 days ago, ‘Next Destination’ has gone seemingly viral. Already having been ‘liked’ by over 2000 SoundCloud followers, this beatstrumental is melodic and soulful. Additionally Awon’s lyrical content marks a newfound precision for the Australian. The opening of the track is a gentle filtered crescendo, reminiscent of that distinctive quality of audio you would hear from a distant passer by listening to their iPod on full blast. In conjunction with Awon’s opening line, the mood of the beat becomes choppy and playful. P.R effortlessly manipulates his original beat to suit the dynamic of Awon’s flow and the song becomes, well, something else. The flamboyant brass and subtle Latina vocal samples give the track a jazzy flavour, complementing the rhythm of Awon’s poetry. Already successfully reaching the ears of enthused hip hop heads; this track marks the beginning of many more neck snapping tracks to come.

Available for free download on P.R’s SoundCloud! (Link above).