New: Raiza Biza — The Imperfectionist

Released yesterday, on the man’s birthday, Raiza Biza brings us his studio album ‘The Imperfectionist’. Recorded at the Red Bull Soundselect studios in Auckland, you can watch the behind the scenes/making of the album HERE.  Making up his own words, ‘The Imperfectionist’ (pun most likely intended), Raiza lays out his first album and may just beg you toContinue reading “New: Raiza Biza — The Imperfectionist”

Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron

By Kassie Junkeer Schoolboy Q’s latest and fourth album Oxymoron is an artistic mixture of menacing vocals and melodic and often gentle loops. The fitting title of the album brings attention to the ominous tone of some of the tracks but also the contradicting styles presented. Q passionately explores a vast array of his undulatingContinue reading “Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron”

Newness: Pilots- Jay Knight x Diaz Grimm x Raiza Biza

Tomorrow morning Wellington-based, Young Gifted and Broke producer, Jay Knight, will release his latest single ‘Pilots’ featuring Diaz Grimm and Raiza Biza. Having received a preview of the track, spoke to Raiza Biza about their production process at the Red Bull studio in Auckland, and the main point in the song, which is theContinue reading “Newness: Pilots- Jay Knight x Diaz Grimm x Raiza Biza”

New: Jay Knight- Keller Helens (Feat. Raiza Biza x Diaz Grimm x Louie Knuxx)

Jay Knight features some of the hottest emcees ‘Down Under’ has to offer right now. He brings us nothing short of sick production wise…Again! Do yourself a favour  press play: Keller Helen is the second single off Knight’s forthcoming EP that will be released for free during New Zealand Music Month with a video to match.Continue reading “New: Jay Knight- Keller Helens (Feat. Raiza Biza x Diaz Grimm x Louie Knuxx)”