When an entire state’s minority have to deal with a Police state so bad an innocent boy is shot while his arms are in the air, riots should be expected. Tracy Chapman sung about the little girl that caused a fuss and Tupac warned everyone that for people without much hope left, it’s the lastContinue reading “#Ferguson”

Review: Rick Ross — Mastermind Is Gangsta Chic

By Kassie Junkeer Most famous for his smash hit single ‘Hustlin’, Rick Ross’s name and all associated connotations are iconic in music culture. William Leonard Roberts II takes his name after ‘Freeway Rick Ross’, who is known to be a notorious drug-lord. With this acquired street credibility, Rick Ross entered the music scene in 2006Continue reading “Review: Rick Ross — Mastermind Is Gangsta Chic”

Tune In! Mad Handsome Release Slippery Slope On Radio Active

This evening on Radio Active’s 7-9 pm show named ‘The Garden Shed’, Wellington Hip Hop duo Mad Handsome will début their song titled ‘Slippery Slope’. Chris Payton and  Kaivai Andrews make up the duo and say the song, which will be premiered at 8pm tonight, is to be the first in a series of whichContinue reading “Tune In! Mad Handsome Release Slippery Slope On Radio Active”

Assembly- ‘The New New Zealand Movement’

Why wait for a promoter to ask if you want such a line up? Why not call up your mates and see if they’re down to party instead. Producer Jay Knight and event manager Lex Sim have done just that. Assembly is being labelled a ‘DIY’ initiative and is being held in New Zealand MusicContinue reading “Assembly- ‘The New New Zealand Movement’”