Nas — Illmatic 20 years later

Standing in front of the same man who proclaimed that “Hip Hop is dead” in 2006, last night the James Cabaret in Wellington, New Zealand was taken back to 1994 — a time when it was very much alive and still growing into the revolutionary genre and street news broadcaster it serves as today. SomeContinue reading “Nas — Illmatic 20 years later”

Top 14 of 2014 According to Aleyna Martinez

1. J Cole — Forest Hills Drive Okay a lot of things happened this year in the realm of rap and hip hop music. For one, America are facing race riots, in 2014. The entire world watched this year as the [white] man took their culture back to the days of slavery and reminded EVERYONE their leash stillContinue reading “Top 14 of 2014 According to Aleyna Martinez”

Review: August — Testimony, “So Bubble Gum And Shit [fuck that]”

The reason the XXL editorial team fought so hard to get August Alsina on their annually anticipated Freshman class list for 2014 is because his verses are lyrical and true to the street; as far as raw, real-raps go; the difference is they’re in melody. He’s doing a Drake without the autotune and riding the waveContinue reading “Review: August — Testimony, “So Bubble Gum And Shit [fuck that]””