Interview: Third3ye — GVRDEN GANG — Do You See What I See?

The Chiefs had just won the Super14 the day Third3ye rappers Melowdownz and Angelo King travelled to Hamilton to shoot their first video ‘Third3ye’ with producer and independent video-director, Tony Douglas. Standing in front of a dairy busking Angelo remembers, ‘The bro [Melodownz] was going up with his hat asking for cash bro, and theyContinue reading “Interview: Third3ye — GVRDEN GANG — Do You See What I See?”

Interview: Munashe — “I Don’t Actually Watch TV Aye”

“The media always tries to make Africa sound like it’s the most horrible place on earth, but that’s not the truth at all. Africa’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to but there is also a negative aspect, there’s heaven and there’s hell in the same place. These two realms are located in Africa.” ThisContinue reading “Interview: Munashe — “I Don’t Actually Watch TV Aye””

Interview: Blaze The Emperor — AmmoNation’s The Team

Blaze The Emperor, who’s birthday falls on new year’s eve, is a 23-year-old African rapper from Hamilton. A part of the AmmoNation collective up and coming from the 07, Blaze explains that after meeting Raiza Biza post leaving his Auckland crew, Beneath The Hype, he was recruited to AmmoNation and has been recording music under their umbrella since. Still onContinue reading “Interview: Blaze The Emperor — AmmoNation’s The Team”

Interview: Munashe — “Global by 21”

Auckland rapper/producer Munashe is new to the NZ music scene. ‘It hasn’t even been a year but I think I’ve made a fair amount of progress’, he says. The 17-year-old, originally from Zimbabwe, has such a passion for what he’s doing; school has taken a backseat to recording music and doing shows. Having been noticed by Raiza BizaContinue reading “Interview: Munashe — “Global by 21””