Newness: Pilots- Jay Knight x Diaz Grimm x Raiza Biza

Tomorrow morning Wellington-based, Young Gifted and Broke producer, Jay Knight, will release his latest single ‘Pilots’ featuring Diaz Grimm and Raiza Biza. Having received a preview of the track, spoke to Raiza Biza about their production process at the Red Bull studio in Auckland, and the main point in the song, which is theContinue reading “Newness: Pilots- Jay Knight x Diaz Grimm x Raiza Biza”

Interview: King Homeboy- ‘Still Māori’

One random Wednesday in Auckland I catch up with DJ, Grantis for breakfast. We’re in Kingsland at Shaky Isles Coffee Co. Grant is eating muesli out of a pop-top jar and I’m having eggs benedict off a chopping board. It’s unsure whether the aesthetics at Shaky Isles make the food taste better, but we munchContinue reading “Interview: King Homeboy- ‘Still Māori’”