Interview: INF — ‘Stand Out Or Stand Back’

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As a kid, Amon Tyson, or INF was curious enough about music to feel for sound waves in a song he liked:  ‘I would always have my hand on the speaker, feeling everything, like all the beats, vibrations and stuff’. Fascinated by the dynamics of why it felt so good to hear, the idea was to mentally deconstruct the sonic-pulses in order to rebuild beats himself. These same ‘vibrations’ a listener gets when it’s understood the track is good can be felt in INF’s music today. Rapping and producing his own beats, he explains to WDYFILWHH, after disobeying his father by staying out too late one time, he was given a grounding which led him to download Frutiloops. ‘All good,’ he says. Today, along with his team SWIDT, standing for, ‘See What I Did There’, there is a clear edge in the sound they produce. With the suggestion of an American tone within the team he says, ‘I think that’s just how we all grew up around music. Sometimes we don’t have to sound like we have that Kiwi slang in it, but that’s just how I started rapping — growing up, that’s just what it sounded like to me’. INF will be in Wellington as part of Assembly presents Louie Knuxx this November 15th. Performing with Jay Knight, Young Lean, DJ Gooda (NZ DMC Champion) and of course Louie Knuxx tickets can be bought at

HH: Where are you from? 

I: I am from Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.

HH: And can you describe the music scene in Onehunga? 

I: The Onehunga music scene is SWIDTCULOUS right now [laughs].

HH: That’s my next question, what is SWIDT? 

I: SWIDT, it means ‘See What I Did There’, cause we’re all like real witty and come up with all these funny puns and sayings and we kind of turned it into a group kind of thing, so there’s me, Spycc, AStoney — he’s a producer from Onehunga, Madd Music from Onehunga, he’s also a producer and we have Smokey. He’s my nephew, but little brother, well he’s not little anymore. We’re doing our best at paving our own way, making our own path and stuff like that, trying to be creative and making sure we’re that team that always stand out. You know, you either stand out or stand back, so we’ve always got to move forward with that.

HH: Describe the feeling of what it’s like to be an up and coming artist, trying to stay humble and work but then you’re doing a gig, look up, and see the crowd spitting your songs? 

I: When you’re on stage, and then doing what you love doing, like the most amazing feeling ever. But I feel like when I come home and I’ve been around people that I spend my normal days with — going to work full time, doing chores around the house, that really keeps me humble and seeing my mum and stuff like that. So instantly, as soon as I get home, I’m just straight back into normal life.

HH: With your music, what do you hope will come, like your ultimate? 

I: You always got to think big, you know, with my music, I don’t just think New Zealand. Like I’m trying to push boundaries and work with a lot of people, America, Europe. I’m always thinking worldwide. I think that’s why our sound sounds like that, we’re always trying push each other [and say] you know we got to push, make sure this is worldwide — music everyone can relate to and enjoy. Not just this small country. Saying that, coming from a small country makes us feel like we got to try harder and keep pushing to do big things.

HH: If you had to take one song to a deserted island what would it be? 

I: Oh man. It would have to be like a ….oh this is a tough one ae….On a deserted island. Um, maybe John legend, Slow Dance.

HH: What’s the best piece of advice your mum’s ever given you?

I: Shit….Probably just get of my ass really… ‘Don’t wanna flat ass…get off it.’

HH: Halle Berry or hallelujah? 

I: I’m gonna say Halle Berry.

HH: Evolution or Religion? 

I: My religion is myself, believing in myself.

HH: What is your hood like? 

I: My hood like? Okay, My hood is like, right now it feels like it’s going through puberty. Because a lot of the young kids who are little, no offence to whoever’s listening, are little shits [whispers], and now [they’re] kind of growing up and changing their behaviour and changing the way they act. It’s also going through a lot of gentrification because it’s kind of flushing out the bad stuff; which is good because it allows the next generation of younger people to come up in a safer community.

HH: And where do you sit in that scale? 

I: I’m in between because I’m an adult but I’m a child at heart as well.

INF’s Mary Jordan EP can be downloaded HERE

Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment

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Assembly will go down in the new, new hip hop history that’s being created by an extremely talented bunch of people: Jay Knight, Spycc & INF, Diaz Grimm, Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, Tom Scott and Tony Douglas all attended Assembly which was created when Jay Knight decided he wanted to throw a party with his friends and just have a good time. Along with the help of Lex Sim, Assembly was born.

Knight says, “It was my first gig I’ve ever had to promote/setup/manage so I was just thrown in the deep end with no experience. It went just as I expected it to with a few hiccups that no one really knew about. Naming no names! Welly really came out last-minute and the gig ended up sold out!..Assembly 2 maybe in the future!”

All the feed back post show glowed with excitement over the potential for a new kind of hip hop party in New Zealand.

It’s an exciting time to be down with hip hop. Assembly was definitely a hallmark of much good shit to come.

Photo mash-up and video courtesy of Patrick Wilson.

Check out whendidyoufallinlovewithhiphop’s Facebook page for more footage HERE

Interview: Jay Knight, Standing Bright In A Shadow

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At the beginning of New Zealand Music Month, Jay Knight released his first free EP titled E+M meaning Emotions + Motion. It features a track titled ‘Keller Helen’ for which he says only Diaz Grimm knows the meaning since he came up with it. For Jay, this May has been focussed heavily on pushing for votes to get that track to #1 on the The plan is to go to Australia with other featured rappers Diaz Grimm and Raiza Biza, as it is widely accepted Louie Knuxx can’t or shouldn’t re-enter New Zealand, so Jay’s busting his ass to get to Oz. It ‘s no wonder though – as soon as you hit play and the seconds tick over, ‘Keller Helen’ doesn’t fuck around. Whendidyoufallinlovewithhiphop is in full support of  some of Australasia’s hip hop underground crema making visuals for such a sexy beat.

However, with all this commotion over ‘Keller Helen’ and keeping it at #1 (where it now sits), Jay feels E+M – as an entire body of work may have fallen into the shadows. Possibly he’ll re-release it once his pockets ain’t empty no more, touch wood, and he’s on his way to Melbourne with Diaz and Raiza. Having  just hosted the Assembly with his mates, Tony Douglas, Spycc and INF, Tom Scott, Jane Deezy, Raiza Biza and Amara Fleur it’s safe to say the young prodigy is mastering the art of juggling. Let’s not forget, as well, entering the Super Brawl Invitational beat Battle at Sandwiches the previous week. Tom Scott in an earlier interview described Knight as, ’18 years old and hungry as shit, he influences and inspires me’. Check the interview below to see why he inspires us:  

 HH: You’re going for the $10,000 Audience grant, what are you hoping to do with the cash if you win?

J: The 10k from is to fund the music video for the song (Keller Helens Ft. Raiza, Louie Knuxx & Diaz Grimm) we want to go over to Australia and film it there so that’s my plans. I think you get 6,000 for the video and 4,000 for recording. We’ll see!

HH: You have managed to keep up your #1 spot, are you feeling the love right now?

J: Yup definitely. It was a last-minute decision to go for it so I’m surprised it’s actually working out to be honest. I could lose that spot any-day so I’m still not expecting to much.

HH: Who came up with the idea for Assembly happened May 24th?

J: I came up with the idea to just throw all the biggest up and coming hip hop artists and a couple well-known faces together in one building. What’s dope about it is we are all a fan of each other and actively collaborate: YGB / AMMONATION / SWIDT / 7GANG.

HH: What were your visions of how the show would go?

J: Just for everyone around Wellington & New Zealand to take notice of the talent we really have.

HH: Was it a challenge to put such a strong line up together?

J: To be honest it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was a joint venture between me and Lex Sim. Shout out to him, he put hard work in also.

“I guess I wanted to understand what I was listening too. Now it’s turned into an obsession of moving sound forward.”

HH: You are very young, does that at all affect you or cross your mind when you are producing at such a high level and standard?

J: Not particularly. I don’t think age has much to do with it, it’s just about what you’re exposed to.

HH: You have just released your E+M EP, what has the response been like so far?

J: It’s been pretty good, although I haven’t been able to promote it as much as I want because I have been trapped trying to get the $10,000 funding. I might re-release it.

HH: What does E+M stand for?

J: Emotive+Motion

HH: Do you have a favorite song on it, if so what?

J: Train Of Thought and Mind Control – they were both made in a weekend between Auckland & Hamilton. Fun times with Tony Douglas.

HH: What have you found most challenging about putting your EP together?

J: Myself finally coming to a finished product.

Assembly- ‘The New New Zealand Movement’

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Why wait for a promoter to ask if you want such a line up? Why not call up your mates and see if they’re down to party instead. Producer Jay Knight and event manager Lex Sim have done just that. Assembly is being labelled a ‘DIY’ initiative and is being held in New Zealand Music Month- perfect really. Sim says, “Jay makes music, knows some people and I’ve actually been to some parties, so it’s an alright team so far.” Now get ready for a New Zealand music name drop:

Raiza Biza, Diaz Grimm, Haz’ Beats, Tom Scott, Spycc & INF, Jane Deezy, Jay Knight, DJ Marek and Tony Douglas (CTFD).

Will all be playing at the San Francisco Bathhouse Friday May 24th. The plan is to party….And with this line up a party shall be had. Tickets are a mere $23 + Booking Fee and available at Under The Radar. Early bird specials have sold out. Don’t miss out. But if coin is still a problem you can share this post on Facebook with your mates and be into win a double pass. Not bad right?

Make sure you use the link below.