Audio Interview: DJ Kelo — What You Know About Tour DJ Life?

What does it take to become a tour DJ for superstar R&B singer, Lloyd? Yeah you have to know your shit as a DJ, but you also have to have the right chemistry with the artist to make it successful. DJ Kelo, who owns and runs Team Titan DJ’s based in Atlanta says it’s alwaysContinue reading “Audio Interview: DJ Kelo — What You Know About Tour DJ Life?”

Interview: DJ Kelo — I’m About Longevity

   New York raised, West Indian boy from Trinidad and Tobaga, DJ Kelo sits in the lobby of the Amora Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand. Based in Atlanta as R&B singer Lloyd’s official tour DJ he is in Wellington on the last leg of an Australia/New Zealand tour. They’ve just shut the club down in WellingtonContinue reading “Interview: DJ Kelo — I’m About Longevity”