A Little Bit of CTFD

We caught Hamilton ¬†bass/ hip-hop underground producers CTFD this passed weekend when they played a gig in Welly. These guys definitely know how to set it off, having played at Rhythm and Vines last year, and played in front of thousands in Christchurch and Auckland for the ¬†Illuminate Paint Parties. If that’s not convincing enough,Continue reading “A Little Bit of CTFD”

Raiza Biza-Sitting On The Cusp Of Something Big

Raiza Biza know’s he’s on the cusp of something big with his music. It can be felt off the back of his last album Dream Something, which collected new followers and new cities to tour- including the South Island of New Zealand which Raiza sees as new ground to break. “You know, there’s a lotContinue reading “Raiza Biza-Sitting On The Cusp Of Something Big”

Interview: NZ Hip Hop History with Spell-Part 1

Spell’s story begins where this interview ends. He explains his hip hop career to date, ‘Took 10 years and I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight…I’m just finishing off laying the foundation for the rest of my career and yeah it’s all part of the plan.” Raised in Hamilton where he dropped out of high schoolContinue reading “Interview: NZ Hip Hop History with Spell-Part 1”