Skate: DGK Win TransWORLD Team Of The Year

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“Finally, y’all. Thankyou. Finally.” Stevie Williams thanked everyone during his acceptance speech as his team, clothing label and business, DGK, accepted the 2013 prize for Transworld ‘Best Team’ of the year. This was an acknowledgment of their work efforts for the year of 2012. On their YouTube post the team wrote, “The significance of this is huge. DGK was started exactly ten years earlier and received a ton of hate early on. The general consensus was that Stevie Williams was crazy for leaving his former sponsor and the company would only last a few years. Through ten years of hard work and dedication, DGK not only gained mainstream acceptance – they also became one of the biggest brands in skateboarding. The culmination of this was the release of the first DGK video, Parental Advisory. The video was not your typical production, it was a big budget movie that showcased both the DGK team’s skill on their skateboards and told the story of the brand and lifestyle through a series of skits with cameos from celebrities like DMX and Lil’ Wayne. The response to the video cemented DGK’s position in skateboarding and winning team of the year drove this point home for the entire world. Everyone at DGK could not be happier about the success they enjoyed in 2012, and would like to thank Transworld for honoring their achievements with the Best Team award.”

New: Great Dane- Another Verse Done, Can’t Get Enough

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Great Dane, residing in Brisbane but from Wellington, New Zealand says he’s found his voice now. As a result his upcoming mixtape, From Now On-out April 2013, will be a surprise to those who have heard him before and an eye opener to those who have slept. The beat for Another Verse Done, Can’t Get Enough uses the beat for Strange Clouds by B.O.B ft. Lil Wayne.