Interview: Munashe — “I Don’t Actually Watch TV Aye”

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“The media always tries to make Africa sound like it’s the most horrible place on earth, but that’s not the truth at all. Africa’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to but there is also a negative aspect, there’s heaven and there’s hell in the same place. These two realms are located in Africa.” This is Munashe. 17 years old. Born in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Raised in New Zealand since 2003. Hip Hop started for him when his nanny in Zimbabwe would play ‘R&B and Hip Hop 24/7’ says the rapper who also states he’s an artist and emcee. Also in the AmmoNation collective his début release, 1st Impression has his team beaming with pride, as it should. And though it has been released as a ‘mixtape’ all the beats and lyrics are made by Munashe. Every sound on the tape was recorded by an instrument played by him. It really is impressive. There’s a genuine integrity in Munashe as a person — not just an artist that comes out in his music. During the interview, I’m in awe of his consciousness, he is a nice surprise as he says, ‘Realness, hip hop, that’s what the culture’s all about’. 

AmmoNation creator Raiza Biza says, ‘Munashe has been sending me music for about two years and the first thing I admired was his determination. That can’t be taught. I knew he would be a great artist, but what I was more sure of was that he wouldn’t quit. Truth is, I knew for years that I would ask him to join the team, it was just a case of timing. And now that I look at all he’s achieved once joining Ammo, I know I was right.”

Speaking to whenndidyoufallinlovewithhiphop, we talk about religion, Africa, Munashe’s definition of a lady. Rep FM named him artist of the week and earlier in the year Thandi Ntshinga interviewed Munashe for the blog. In that interview he said he wants to be global by 21. At the time it seemed like a bold statement. But with 1st Impression now released, it is clear the kid has the goods to back it up.

Get 1st Impression HERE: