Photo essay: Chicago, 2014 — Sara Coe

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Sara Coe

I’ve had a five-year unexplainable love affair with New York. But now New York has competition, and his name is Chicago.

When I heard my good friend was moving to Chicago for three months, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to visit him. I always wanted to visit Chicago, I knew it was going to be an amazing city, purely based on the fact it produces great music. And for it to have inspired such great music (Le Common Gil Scott-Heron, Kanye, Lupe etc), I thought ‘It must be one special place.’ And it was.

…And Oprah is from Chicago. Don’t hate. I love Oprah.

Chicago has been getting a lot of media attention these days for being a dangerous city. Last year, it even passed New York for being the murder capital of America. Maybe it was because I didn’t really venture into the really dangerous places but I didn’t feel unsafe at all. It was friendly, the vibe was soulful and I loved the people.

I’ve been living in Japan for the last four years and although I love Japan, I missed the friendly and random interactions I had with the people in Chicago. Here are a few pics of my adventures.

Love you Chicago.


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Introducing: Sara Coe — Life Documenter

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Sara Coe is one of my oldest friends and was right there in high school when I said I was going to have my own magazine one day. As I build WDYFILWHH we bring you a taste of her work, life, travels. From Wellington, NZ; Sara is living and working in Japan. Here are some shots of the visual-story she’s piecing together, showcasing her experience:

SARA: I wouldn’t call myself a photographer I’m horrible with photoshop and lack the discipline of true photographers who work hard at their craft. But I am human being who likes to tell stories through her photos. I like capturing moments. Moments you can’t recreate. And this quote from one of my favorite Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama sums up how I feel about my photography:

 “For me, photography is not a means by which to create beautiful art, but a unique way of encountering genuine reality.”

She also has her own blog where you can follow her photography and travels HERE. Check out some of her life-shots below.

Look our for an upcoming photo essay of her travels to Chicago at