Interview: ‘Eat People’ – choiceVaughan feat Tyna Keelan and Tom Scott

Hailing from Lower Hutt, Wellington, Aotearoa is choiceVaughan. Having finished up his d├ębut EP, due out September 1st, he checked his inbox one day to find Tom Scott of @Peace and Home Brew had sent him back one of his remix beats with the lyrics to ‘Eat People’ on top of it. The poetry inContinue reading “Interview: ‘Eat People’ – choiceVaughan feat Tyna Keelan and Tom Scott”

Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment

Assembly will go down in the new, new hip hop history that’s being created by an extremely talented bunch of people: Jay Knight, Spycc & INF, Diaz Grimm, Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, Tom Scott and Tony Douglas all attended Assembly which was created when Jay Knight decided he wanted to throw a party with hisContinue reading “Review: Assembly – A Hallmark Moment”

Assembly- ‘The New New Zealand Movement’

Why wait for a promoter to ask if you want such a line up? Why not call up your mates and see if they’re down to party instead. Producer Jay Knight and event manager Lex Sim have done just that. Assembly is being labelled a ‘DIY’ initiative and is being held in New Zealand MusicContinue reading “Assembly- ‘The New New Zealand Movement’”