Review: August — Testimony, “So Bubble Gum And Shit [fuck that]”

The reason the XXL editorial team fought so hard to get August Alsina on their annually anticipated Freshman class list for 2014 is because his verses are lyrical and true to the street; as far as raw, real-raps go; the difference is they’re in melody. He’s doing a Drake without the autotune and riding the waveContinue reading “Review: August — Testimony, “So Bubble Gum And Shit [fuck that]””

Photo essay: Chicago, 2014 — Sara Coe

I’ve had a five-year unexplainable love affair with New York. But now New York has competition, and his name is Chicago. When I heard my good friend was moving to Chicago for three months, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to visit him. I always wanted to visit Chicago, I knew it wasContinue reading “Photo essay: Chicago, 2014 — Sara Coe”

Review: SZA — Z

“Lately I’ve bee questioning, am I all that I pretend to be. I doubt it.” — SZA, Green Mile  Z is the début EP from TDE beauty SZA. This crew don’t play, these men (more specifically) don ‘t play, bringing us a female vocalist that would be sharp in indie, hip hop, pop, r &b…whateverContinue reading “Review: SZA — Z”

Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron

By Kassie Junkeer Schoolboy Q’s latest and fourth album Oxymoron is an artistic mixture of menacing vocals and melodic and often gentle loops. The fitting title of the album brings attention to the ominous tone of some of the tracks but also the contradicting styles presented. Q passionately explores a vast array of his undulatingContinue reading “Review: Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron”