Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013

Saturday September 28th was one of the most remarkable party nights in Wellington this year. Good As Gold and Mazdef Productions hosted Good Shit 2013 at Meow in Wellington, bringing the last weekend of the month to a spectacular close. Pre-show, this block party was one to be extremely excited about. With a range ofContinue reading “Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013”

Interview: Munashe — “Global by 21”

Auckland rapper/producer Munashe is new to the NZ music scene. ‘It hasn’t even been a year but I think I’ve made a fair amount of progress’, he says. The 17-year-old, originally from Zimbabwe, has such a passion for what he’s doing; school has taken a backseat to recording music and doing shows. Having been noticed by Raiza BizaContinue reading “Interview: Munashe — “Global by 21””

Review: Kiss Land – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s back, with a new twelve track album Kiss Land . It’s a well rounded and intimate project made in true Weeknd style. He has progressed, evidently, with the album having more balance in comparison to passed projects: (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Trilogy). With that said, it does not discredit the fact thatContinue reading “Review: Kiss Land – The Weeknd”