Review: Kiss Land – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s back, with a new twelve track album Kiss Land . It’s a well rounded and intimate project made in true Weeknd style. He has progressed, evidently, with the album having more balance in comparison to passed projects: (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Trilogy). With that said, it does not discredit the fact that he has consistently set a brand and identity for himself from the very beginning.

Kiss Land has a lot of punch in terms of production and vocals, found very quickly on songs like “Belong To The World”. The track feels visual, which has always been something The Weeknd’s been able to do with his music. Besides the fact that most of the songs on the album are somewhat blended with similar production and story lines, it doesn’t sound like a continuous series of events. He does change things up with “Live For” featuring Drake – a seemingly Arabic influenced sound, with a bit of hip hop influence. There’s elements of EDM on “Wanderlust”, and there’s a general notability of his experiment with screams, sirens, thunder and other sound effects. He mixes it up, but remains true to the style he does best – his own. A lot would worry that putting too much into their music would be a distraction, but this feels quite organic and it all makes sense. The Weeknd’s semi Michael Jackson/Melisma falsetto paired with his signature dreamy slow tempos make for a brilliant album. The difference this time around is we’ve got more songs to fuel our hunger for his infectious music.

Give the album a stream if you haven’t purchased it on iTunes yet.

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