Interview: Stussy Beats on Godwave

A revisit is my take on a remix says Stussybeats. It’s an opportunity for him to recreate a track the way he feels it should’ve sounded in the first place.

“I don’t release revisits without making sure the artists are comfortable with it.”

For the past 20 minutes, I have been listening to the original release of Psalms 82:6 by KVKA; comparing the track to its revisit, back and forth, then I missed my cue to repeat; Stussy’s next track played on SoundCloud and got me all types of pleasantly distracted.

‘The First Gate’ instrumental opens with an an eerie death-angel, church-choir sample situation, the kind of emotion that makes the hair stand on end when you know something scary is about to happen in a movie.

“The First Gates sampling idea originally came about when I was thinking about soundtracks and the cinematic effect they have, I like to think of my music as a cinematic approach to the true feeling of a beat…A sort of drug or euphoria that gives you a certain feeling, so the idea of a gothic, god-like sound seemed unique to me, I’ve never heard it done like I planned it before, so I tested my idea out and created The First Gate, as well as the original Psalms outro.”

“I feel like the George Lucas or Martin Scorcese of music in some ways ..or soon to be.”

The next generation looks like this. It’s deep, artsy, more aware thanks to the internet and better equipped thanks to technology; the development as a result, has seen new names coined for music like ‘drill’ ‘trill’ and ‘trap’. These are sub genres within genres of modern music; hailing from regions non-accessible to the masses easily. Prior to our growing digital era, artists like Freddie Gibbs, Ta-ku, even Drake may have never been heard about had it not been for our ability to successfully network globally.

Hamilton, New Zealand is no exception. Sounds coined ‘Godwave’, ‘Wavvy’ or ‘Cinematic’ are just some terms circulating around the city’s tastemakers. Stussy, who came up with term says:

Godwave “Is simply a perspective of sound, the music me and KVKA make usually conceives from thinking of it as a God sound…I tell everyone I work with to see that one moment you can consider yourself a God is when you create something…music is creating an idea from nothing. My beats are made to have a cinematic-God sound to it in some way…that is all Godwave is.”

There is a very distinct chemistry between KVKA and Stussybeats which plays out onto the beat, Stussy says, “KVKA has a voice like a dragon or DMX lol, it’s really an eerie feeling to his vocals that almost makes his yelling become a euphoric sound.”

“We share visions on my beats just artistically and sonically match what KVKA’s thinking at the time. Always a pleasure to work with Kv.”

Also a drummer, before he tried his hand at producing he played progressive metal with his band.  We were all deeply involved in very technical and faster music. But I loved hip hop as well for its production. “Production and [a] sense of control in it opened a doorway for me.”

The other artist he’s ‘revisited’ lately is Blaze The Emperor. The track, ‘Wavvy/ The Revisit’, is definitely euphoric. With Wavvy he says, “Blaze is like my brother, my true like good friend, the guy supports me even when I’m in a real dark place, but more so, he’s always been a dope artist…The revisit was just meant to be pure wave, that legit wavyness”.

Follow Stussy HERE and HERE.

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