Flash Jewellery —  “Modern day Cleopatra”

 “I would describe Flash as golden, heavy, playful and a bit bad ass.”

– Nina Flash Gordon

Dripping with gold, silver and semi-precious jewels‚ Gordon pays homage to the unchecked excess of vintage Chanel and Versace and is unabashed about her gaudy and cavalier understanding of style.

When someone wears one of your pieces what are some of the feelings you intend to evoke for them?

N: It’s definitely not for the faint hearted, I have done some smaller pieces just to cater for everyone but I suppose I want them to feel a bit flash… [Laughs] That sounds so cliché ae.

What can people look out for from flash next?

N: I’m surprised to say this but some people can expect some delicate pieces, more gold, 80s inspired hoops and we are super happy to finally have found a manufacturer which can produce our old chunky rings in a higher grade metal, which is lighter enough to wear (!!) So expect some of these bad boys to be out in the near future.

What stones are inspiring your next collection?

N: We are forever inspired by gems, crystals, minerals and stones …our new collection called ‘Crystalized’ and is inspired by Pyrite (Fools Gold) and the aesthetic of golden gems and natural formations…out August, can’t wait!



Follow Nina and Flash at www.flashculture.co.nz


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