Review: AmmoNation: Volume 1 EP

I think when you have the ability to encapsulate a moment that’s special to you in a track and then deliver it well, mixing vocal technique with a fine tooth comb through the stems, so it sits right, in the pocket of the production, then you made a good rap song.

Raiza Biza from AmmoNation did that on his track ‘Full Time’ off their self-titled debut EP. All the songs are tight and showcase talent from each of the squad –  Blaze The Emperor, NASH, Bianca Paulus, Jane Deezy, Ill Baz, NXVA and of course Raiza Biza. It also features production from Stuss.

I started with the first single before the tape came out  ‘Forever’ featuring Melodownz, there’s so many lines in that which catch you, not to mention the vibes. After working on a photoshoot in Mount Eden one Friday afternoon it was Nash’s verse that caught me on the bus back to town – especially the part that goes “99 problems don’t exist, 28 solutions and I keep em in a zip”. Then I played it on repeat to Queen Street and danced around like there wasn’t a human traffic jam on the footpath.

‘You’ by Bianca and Deezy is a soulful favourite, watching them do it live was just as exciting as playing the EP on Tidal.

‘Look What You Done’ is the hook to one of my favourite Drake songs, but the memory’s now shifted in my mind to Jane Deezys delivery of ‘the word ‘motherfucka’ on her track titled the same. I felt the emotion in her politics after that, plus the Tupac sample, he’s an emotion I can understand.

Blaze The Emperor’s Pacific Coast hits hard at the part: “I got dreams like Martin, then I had nightmares like Malcolm, all of these late lights in my apartment trying to turn the income into the outcome“.  I like the way his vocals sit in its pocket and Stuss’ production.

Check them out on Tidal, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, all of that.

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