Speaking Western Heights with Blaze The Emperor at Mercury Plaza

This month Hamilton based artist Blaze the Emperor will play his third headline show in Darmstadt, Germany accompanied with a live jazz band on February 23rd.

For this podcast with Ryz Fm and The Plug we meet at Mercury Plaza for noodles and and to discuss the release of his project Western Heights available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and GooglePlay.

He explains what it means to be a ‘Father Figure’ in New Zealand’s hip hop scene, ‘fathering sonics’ and generating a culture that’s been in need of good local representation for a long time now.

We also discuss how he sees a sure possibility to take his brodies in music with him the next time he tours overseas. “What’s next is I’m taking this international, I’m creating a scene in different countries and I want to be able to go there, perform, get paid for my performance and then also bring my brodies and my brothers to that spot so then more people can see that there is a lot more talent coming out of our scene and our collective.”

IMG_0165 (1)

“Stay away from the norm that’s basically what I’m trying to portray with this…I think people just want people to be themselves at the end of the day, there is a genre and a time for everything …you find the most conscious rapper in the car yelling ’21, 21′ out the window but they can’t do that in their music because they feel boxed in by their listeners or by the industry so when you do create and express outside of that, the listener then becomes comfortable with themselves.”

Listen to his interview with Ryz and The Plug HERE.

Check out his music video ‘Dreamz’ shot Vlog style by director Connor Pritchard below:

Check out a live feature track called LD2NZ with London based artist Koder at Neck Of the Woods, Auckland:

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