Review: Good As Gold & Mazdef Productions Present Good Shit 2013

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Saturday September 28th was one of the most remarkable party nights in Wellington this year. Good As Gold and Mazdef Productions hosted Good Shit 2013 at Meow in Wellington, bringing the last weekend of the month to a spectacular close.

Pre-show, this block party was one to be extremely excited about. With a range of DJ’s and musicians including Beat Mob, Disco Dam G, 3ch∆in$&a†∆•nga & band, Totems, Kev Fresh, Race Banyon & Yvnalesca, B-Lo, DJ Yesh, and Playdirt & Legal Money/4Chainz playing both inside the bar and the outside area; it felt so awesome walking in and being greeted by music and free beer. Not long after pizza from one of Wellington’s best places, Tommy Millions, was served. Note: All of this happened before 8PM, which made the event feel like a massive barbeque with lots of cool shit happening around you.

As the night went on numbers grew rapidly, and the party really started to pick up; which brings me closer to the main event. Canadian Hip Hop/Jazz trio BadBadNotGood took the stage; the crowd was good and warmed up thanks to Totems. All I can say from here on is that if you like madness at gigs, you would’ve died for this one. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like ruckus, you should learn to embrace such madness, because for me it was frightening BUT amazing. The crowd fed off BBNG’s amazing stage presence. These guys didn’t have to do much except be the exceptional musicians they are; playing keyboards, bass guitar and drums; they provided the emotion and excitement that ignited the crowd. There was a bit, well, A LOT of falling, spilling of drinks and pushing…But what is a party without a little ruckus?

If there’s a Good Shit 2014 and you missed this one, then you my friend should be the one copping early bird tickets next year. DO NOT twiddle your thumbs around themselves, umming and arring over whether you should go. To be the person hunting for tickets three hours after the party’s started, hoping the universe will make an exception for you when the show is sold out, is not the buzz… Meanwhile your mates are all inside getting turnt as fuck. Anyway, there aren’t really any other words to express how cool this was. As someone who isn’t really keen on huge crowds at gigs and concerts, I learned one very important thing — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Check out our Facebook photo album of the gig HERE. All photos have been shot courtesy of JAM Photography (By Anna Jamieson)

Review: Kiss Land – The Weeknd

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The Weeknd’s back, with a new twelve track album Kiss Land . It’s a well rounded and intimate project made in true Weeknd style. He has progressed, evidently, with the album having more balance in comparison to passed projects: (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Trilogy). With that said, it does not discredit the fact that he has consistently set a brand and identity for himself from the very beginning.

Kiss Land has a lot of punch in terms of production and vocals, found very quickly on songs like “Belong To The World”. The track feels visual, which has always been something The Weeknd’s been able to do with his music. Besides the fact that most of the songs on the album are somewhat blended with similar production and story lines, it doesn’t sound like a continuous series of events. He does change things up with “Live For” featuring Drake – a seemingly Arabic influenced sound, with a bit of hip hop influence. There’s elements of EDM on “Wanderlust”, and there’s a general notability of his experiment with screams, sirens, thunder and other sound effects. He mixes it up, but remains true to the style he does best – his own. A lot would worry that putting too much into their music would be a distraction, but this feels quite organic and it all makes sense. The Weeknd’s semi Michael Jackson/Melisma falsetto paired with his signature dreamy slow tempos make for a brilliant album. The difference this time around is we’ve got more songs to fuel our hunger for his infectious music.

Give the album a stream if you haven’t purchased it on iTunes yet.

Newness: Pilots- Jay Knight x Diaz Grimm x Raiza Biza

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Tomorrow morning Wellington-based, Young Gifted and Broke producer, Jay Knight, will release his latest single ‘Pilots’ featuring Diaz Grimm and Raiza Biza. Having received a preview of the track, spoke to Raiza Biza about their production process at the Red Bull studio in Auckland, and the main point in the song, which is the message. In it, the three artists call on people to make better efforts to understand new implications surrounding the recent passing of the GCSB bill. In an effort to rark up everyone,  but particularly the youth,  they rap: “Maybe we should throw away the Key, before they throw away our future for a monetary thing. Maybe we should throw away the key, before they beat us to it, and they throw away we”. The sound and beat itself is in typical Jay Knight fashion — first-class. When talking to Raiza Biza he explains he was invited by Diaz and Jay to feature on the track and record at Red Bull. He says the GCSB was already an issue he’d been following, so naturally, he felt the urge to feature on-track. He said that being from Africa he knows first hand what it means to lose a ‘freedom’ as important as personal privacy. He feels that once it is gone, it is very hard to get back; therefore people need to appreciate it now.

“Too many believe that someone else will do something, well you are someone else. Well you are someone else” – Diaz on ‘Pilots’.

HH: What was the inspiration behind the track Pilots?

R: It was due to the climate around the time that the GCSB law was being passed. Diaz and Jay came to me with the track. Diaz had his verse and I had a listen. It was something that I had been following too so I decided to give my input. But I guess it was just something to get people talking about it and get the young people to perhaps look into it and see how it was going to affect them.

HH: So you recorded at Red Bull in Auckland?

R: This came about because Diaz had a relationship develop with someone at Red Bull and they’d organised for him to be able to use the studio; so it was a good experience in that sense… they just have top of the line everything; the best people behind the desks, so just pretty much, it’s as good as it can be.

HH: What the working relationship like between you and Diaz?

R: Well you know he’s a very creative guy and the way I like to make music is to bounce ideas back and forth until the concept is there and you know he was very prepared.  He had a vision for the track and he already had his part ready and made my job easy so he’s a great guy to work with and he’s a nice guy.

HH: And what are you hoping people receive from the song?

R: You know I just wanted something….just the act that shakes things up a little. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion as far the law goes. But I think it’s something that people should be talking about and that’s something that Diaz brought up, you know, it’s just about getting people talking about it. I heard David Cunliffe saying today that if he got into government he would repeal that law and change it. So you know, those are things that people need to have opinions about.

HH: And what’s your main concern with the GCSB now it’s gone through as a New Zealand citizen?

R: Well you know being from Africa, I’ve seen countries, you know once you lose those basic freedoms — the freedom of privacy; being able to communicate with people without being scrutinised at every move, it’s really hard to get that back. I think people, sometimes when you have it, you take it for granted but…it’s an important thing so that’s the angle that I was looking at it at.

Review: Raiza Biza- Winter Solace


Good music can remind you of a perfect moment— and a great song is seductive enough to leave you with that memory for life. In an interview with Jay-Z and Zane Lowe, for the BBC, Jay-Z said: I wouldn’t do an album just to mark a season. On the flip-side Oddisee did it. And when he did, he got his followers and the underground excited. Raiza Biza’s latest offering for a cold New Zealand winter, sounds like his Summer. EP in chill mode. It’s also his style honed in; as he is making improvements both sonically and creatively. From beginning to end, it’s a sexy, warm offering for shivery listeners. Hopefully this season you have a lover to appreciate this album with…or for.

Producers choiceVaughan, Thee Tony Douglas, Jay Knight, Iron Will, Crime Heat, Tausani, Myele Manzanza, Jordo Hornblow and Nu-Vintage all have beats featured and Raiza’s artistry on verse tie them all together superbly.

From the opening song you can tell ‘Winter Solace’ is the theme but it doesn’t deter an air of intelligence and personal honesty laced on-verse. Raiza reps for his crew Ammo Nation and being the A$AP or Kendrick of his team is a position he takes seriously. Also connected with Young Gifted and Broke, Biza strikes an ideal balance between his boys and his professional world. On ‘Winter Solace’ he talks about lovers, the cold, personal reflection and the reality of being a real person having to keep a 9-5 job whilst trying to pursue his music; though the age-old theme of a struggling artist is not tedious when Raiza uses it. There’s surely a song in there you’ll click with on this release and if you’re a listener who just likes the vibes then Raiza’s latest offering is definitely for you.

Shouting out love for his people in Wellington, Biza will be back down in the capital opening for Kev Brown Saturday, September 14th. Yes, Wellington loves Raiza back. As the winter has roped me into listening to 90’s R&B warmth like Raheem Devaughn, Ginuwine, John Legend and Musiq Soulchild; Winter Solace has the perfect vibe to reset me back to my first love: Hip Hop.

Check out: You Make Me, First Light

Download Winter Solace HERE.