When an entire state’s minority have to deal with a Police state so bad an innocent boy is shot while his arms are in the air, riots should be expected. Tracy Chapman sung about the little girl that caused a fuss and Tupac warned everyone that for people without much hope left, it’s the lastContinue reading “#Ferguson”

Tune In! Mad Handsome Release Slippery Slope On Radio Active

This evening on Radio Active’s 7-9 pm show named ‘The Garden Shed’, Wellington Hip Hop duo Mad Handsome will début their song titled ‘Slippery Slope’. Chris Payton and  Kaivai Andrews make up the duo and say the song, which will be premiered at 8pm tonight, is to be the first in a series of whichContinue reading “Tune In! Mad Handsome Release Slippery Slope On Radio Active”

Interview: Name UL — Summit, An Articulation Of My Mind

Video Credit: Mark Redmond “Don’t settle for less – even a genius asks questions Be grateful for blessings Don’t ever change, keep your essence The power is in the people and politics we address” -Tupac, Me Against The World. Being a Pac fan, there is an element in Name UL’s music that reflects the legend’sContinue reading “Interview: Name UL — Summit, An Articulation Of My Mind”

Review: Pusha T — My Name Is My Name

By Michael Androutsos “This the heart of the muthafuckin city. Act like y’all ain’t have the muthafuckin Clipse album. Act like y’all ain’t based your whole shit your whole lifestyle off this nigga Pusha T. Everything is Pusha T. Pyrex vision, that’s Pusha T. Fear of God, that’s Pusha T. This nigga the heart of the muthafuckin culture, for the cultureContinue reading “Review: Pusha T — My Name Is My Name”