When an entire state’s minority have to deal with a Police state so bad an innocent boy is shot while his arms are in the air, riots should be expected.

Photo Credit: Whitney Curtis for the New York Times
Photo Credit: Whitney Curtis for the New York Times.

Tracy Chapman sung about the little girl that caused a fuss and Tupac warned everyone that for people without much hope left, it’s the last resort.
Malcolm X stood for it. The Panthers used it to make a difference. It’s called Protest. Making a noise. Challenging authorities who clearly function under a corrupt law is the only way some regions get change.
It takes one soul, brave enough to drive their stake in and go, “NO! I won’t live for this”.
That’s what’s happening in St Louis, Missouri; which has a Police state so bad – black council men are being arrested for “not listening”.
God only knows what’s happening to those less educated and less fortunate in times of such unrest.
All the way in Wellington, New Zealand one can only observe by following social media and news stories. Although I’m also numbed by proximity and lack of understanding, or relation to the situation, it still poses the question:
How are Americans still going through this?

Still. When their President is paid a $400,000 base salary (plus $150,000 for expenses) and their celebrities are paid a lot more for “art” — how are there such minimal resources available, that they’re still fighting for basic civil rights.
It’s the example of why New Zealand should halt all privatisation endeavours for the country.
An area like Ferguson is 67 per cent African American according to the 2010 census — even more frightening are new reports emerging that the KKK are soliciting funds for the police officer who shot Michael Brown (while his hands were raised).

Last year “Racial profiling statistics in Ferguson show” of 5,384 stops made by Police in 2013, 686 of them were white and 4,632 were black. Of 611 searches, 47 were white and 562 black. Of 521 arrests, 36 were white and 483 were black.Jeezy

Is it Nelly’s job to put St Louis on his back? Or Jeezy’s? I don’t know. Maybe the St Lunatics know? For WDYFILWHH, which focusses on entertainment and hip hop, old and new; it must be stressed that social and political consciousness can’t be forgotten in the music.

Ferguson is one of many reasons why. But entertainment has to have a line drawn somewhere. If we were less obsessed with it then maybe some healing and growing for everyone’s social consciousness could do some necessary saving.

** This article was written with help from HellV from Harlem, New York.

Other celebrities had this to say:



2 thoughts on “#Ferguson

  1. Knew you were gonna post on this (in a dope/cool way).

    Pretty hearty issue that divided the black race at the same time with their different reactions & response to it all but here’s a solid view on the subject I reckon from Killer Mike. Solutions not problems.

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